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You'll also hear why robert duvall is the guy and the importance of knowing just what kind of sick you are so pull up a chair and listen in the hey sam hey sam thanks for doing this yeah thanks rare me well you know i've wanted to have you on here for a long time as a matter of fact i think i saw moon in two thousand nine uh well and i wanted to have you on the show even then although you know have a show then yeah and now you've made this film three billboards outside of ebbing missouri his mouthful so when it it is a male's force tell somebody about that title but no it's this incredible film about a woman who wrexham billboards in town to spur the police department into looking into the death of her her daughter and you play this really like not to smart racist ozarks toes arc area casa yet and and i got to thinking that i don't know if i've ever seen you play a cop yeah i only i've never played a cop in a move i played it did law and order it did a cop once but uh that's that's about it so this was really exciting for me it's kind of a red herring into to the audience in know you think it's the comic relief perhaps a benign villain or something but you know and then it turns into something else the since it so much more interesting you know now when you say it's like a red herring is also a way in for you in terms of all i can use that suri audience and i can play that up a little bit so that when he has his turn it could be more impactful like absolutely i mean i joked at the the ark of it is born five turns in travis pickle you know and that's a simplification right i mean it was written that way and he's he's the the trick i think is that he's got be goofy but he has also be dangerous so you have to toe the.

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