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It's me Energy. Hope you had a good weekend and that your Monday is off to a good start. I just thought this cross and Lauren, I believe you mentioned it. Top of the hour news there to Garth Brooks. Yeah, Get the inauguration Wednesday. Ah, lot of big performer is going to be there. Yeah, as you would expect. I think he maybe was a surprise one on and I know he's saying this is not a political statement. This is a statement about unity. In fact, and you played a little sound bite. Their people leave his concerts loving each other more than when they came. So that's a great message for America. It's a great Message in general, any Garth Brooks fans out there. Tell me what song he should sing 312981 72 100. What song? Should Garth Brooks sing? I'm a country fan. I don't know his music all that much. I know earlier with it. I was going to say he's one of those guys that if you play a song I'm like, Oh, yeah, I know. I know that one. But I can't Tell you the name of them the ceasing the one and I'm proud to be an American, but she's no, that's Toby. Keith. Okay, see, I don't know. And he also does solo cup, but Toby Keith wouldn't work out. I don't think they'll be okay. You don't want talents so, but the boot in the you want, You know what and the American way? That's Toby Keith. Um, I don't know. Garth Brooks. We'll see. We'll see. Somebody's got an idea What song he should saying. Please let us know. I also want to put this out there before I teed up. What's coming up on the show Anybody out there? Got a good girl Scout cookie hook up. Please, let me know my daughter. Gabby's not doing it this year. We usually buy a ton of thin mints and freeze them and then eat him all year this year, nothing to wonder how they're doing it differently to this year. Yes, Ryan burrow. His daughter usually sells him, but I don't know she is anymore. Not sure. It's kind of weird this year. I mean, I know. Last year they went virtual. It was. It was kind of hard anyway, because they just put it on digital on day. Remember, you had to get invited in order to sign up for cookies and it got a little bit. Wonky, but we we did it And it was It was fun doing it. Just not doing it this year. You're gonna get a million texts. Just wait. Well, we'll put something out there. Maybe we'll go sometime. I you know, Let's help the girl Scouts. I don't know how you do it. What? Okay, You're a girl Scout. How do you do it this year? Your parents bring their work like they used to do it, Mama, you bring the cookie order to work. Yeah, always been my problem with it. My parents didn't have those kinds of jobs where you could pass the cookie sheet around. And so we were out in the cold. Because they cruelly do it. Do it in the middle of winter in in in Chicago winter, and then you go door to door and that's how it goes, and you'll like it. That's how that's how it goes. I think there's not gonna be outside. I bet you they'll be outside at the jewel and places like that. Still? Yeah, they probably will do like they're gonna tactless But contact. Let's pick up kind of thing. Yeah, I know they're gonna do drop offs. You know, when you order we'll just drop in on your porch. Replace. They're also partnering with Grubhub. I heard that's why I'm here this year for deliveries. I don't know if that's everywhere for that, too. Yeah, you, did I How about that? He's gonna get the profits. You know, we'll see. We'll see We I need my thin mints, but just see what they've come up with this year. Okay? Got that out there, But let me talk about something that's coming up on the show here. We know that the vaccine rollout is underway in Illinois. By the end of today. End of today. It's estimated by half a million people will have gotten the vaccine here in Illinois. That's health care workers. Of course, people living in long term care facilities. They're getting it now over the next week, they're going to finish that phase. Hopefully, that's what the governor's office says. And then they get to the next phase next Monday, one week from now, right? So what happens then? Okay, People over 65 can start getting it. Frontline workers like police officers, grocery store workers, transportation workers, folks like that they can get in line next, and that's the prioritization. We've seen it all lined out. Lined their kind of put together by the governor's office. We've seen them give us that right all the way down to the healthiest people among us, right? But here is a question for you. Here's the question. When should the prison population? Get the vaccine. When do you think that people in prison should get the vaccine? Because listen to this. There's been a change. In a deviation from CDC guidelines, The Pritzker administration is preparing to prioritize prison inmates in the second round off coronavirus vaccinations. That's according to an updated distribution plan published by the.

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