Yanis, Giannis, Chris Middleton discussed on NBA Front Office w/ Keith Smith & Trevor Lane


For the Milwaukee box. So why don't we just go to you off the top on this before I give my thoughts since you're the Celtics guy here, even though I am supporting you where to green shirt today? Maybe it's buck's green. I don't know. I don't know. It does lean more boxed. But in any event, Celtics bucks on a go to gets Yanis onto the Kung Pao perennial MVP candidate multi time MVP. How are you feeling going into this series? Yeah, for this Celtics, they catch a break here with Chris Middleton being out. There's no other way to put it. He is the box. People look at me a little weird when I say this. Giannis is obviously the box best creator of everything. But he just Yanis does it like a bulldozer, right? A bulldozer is going to create a whole great space. It's going to create whatever it needs. That's Giannis. Middleton is their guy. You throw the ball too. He's going to get you off the dribble shot or something like that. Drew holiday is good at that. He's not as good as it is Chris Middleton is, especially looking to score for himself. If you look at him watch the box historically, late clock, Middleton's the guy who gets the ball with under 5 on the shot clock and has to find something, whether it's a shot for himself or a driving kick or whatever it is. So that is a massive loss because what they'll do, I don't know the big against the bulls without them. They want with Bobby portis. In his place in the starting group, I don't really you can do that against Boston because Boston can match that size because of how big Jayson Tatum is on the wing. As well as Jalen Brown and Marcus smart can defend any of those guys too. In their switching system. So I think they're going to have to go to one of the shooters, whether it be pat Connaughton in there or Grayson Allen in that starting group. I think that's where you have to go in whole holiday and Giannis can create enough for you, and you kind of rebalance yourself in that way..

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