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Was thinking the same thing when she was telling the story about this girl that she went to high school, what they played sports together, and they were friends, and and I was thinking fifteen twenty, maybe twenty five years ago for half man, yeah, but then she said five years ago when they were in high school five years ago, and then she played it off, and then she went to friend her right after she had met her in this woman's. Played it off like she didn't know her, but then that woman that played it off like she didn't know center a friend friend, a facebook, request, or whatever friendship request the IT clicked after she walked out. Mean you know sometimes like I don? So Weird, we'll get more of those texts coming up. We're GONNA check total traffic real quick the crash, in Farmington so. It's up fifteen park lane, and it's blocking that right shoulder slow from Lagoon Gun Dr. K, so let's get it before we get into Hollywood. Headlines The bonus edition so listener share, and this is cool. She's wondering if we could give a shout out to her husband. Absolutely so Lee is retiring today after forty two years with the Union. Pacific railroad is an engineer. Congratulations man. That is forty two years very cool. Congrats and enjoy your retirement. Let's get into the bonus edition of Hollywood. Headlines Are. We're GONNA talk about Carl Reiner. Pass away. Do you have any audio or anything with well I got a clip here from ninety eight. For he's ninety eight years old. Yeah, so actor producer writer, director Car Carl Reiner to. GET BIGGER OPS. Yeah Rob Reiner's Dad meet heads, Dad, he behind TV shows like mad about you I mean just all. He was in toy toy story four I don't know if he was a voice in that, or if he was one of the producers or directors of that I mean there's I mean. There's so many movies that this guy was involved with TV shows that this Guy Reiner was involved with. Actor to let's the Dick. Van Dyke show so going way back for that, but I mean all the way through the sixty seventies, eighties nineties two thousand I mean this guy is a legend. In the business, but one of my favorite movies. Is from Nineteen seventy-nine. It's Steve Martin's the jerk. So. Steve wrote this movie Carl Reiner. He had a little bit part in it, but he directed the movie. I'm going to play a little clip here. This is from the jerk, and this is Steve Martin and is it oh? What's her name? Oh I told her burn at Peters, so he was actually briefly married to her for for a bit. Do you think the next time you make love to your boyfriend. Could think of me. Her have enough to. Do, you think it's possible that. Someday. Could make love with me and think of him. And he can make loving you could be. Just be happy to be in there somewhere. That was Carl Reiner that directed that movie and died at ninety eight so man. And his wife died. It looks like a style back in two thousand and eight. He's been twelve years without her. And then of course his kids rob any Lucas. The he wasn't he in Ocean's eleven as well so yeah, retired Guy Racetrack. They're like. Hey, you gotta come back in. Love that movie such a great actor in just a genius, so you're ninety eight years old. I'm like man. That's an awesome run. It's triple digit. I didn't see that that could be anything totally. Yeah, totally I don't see like the cause or anything like that Natural Causes Ninety Eight. And then We haven't heard a lot about hulk. I mean man remember his family how that Reality Sean be h one back in the day the trainwreck total Trent. We and there was cute family, and then yeah, just. It totally blew up and. Family as it did and one of those. Reality shows one yeah people that were involved in the reality show zero it is. It's like ninety nine percent. You know so hulk. Hogan's kid is obviously you. No longer child his. He's an adult now. His name's Nick and he was in that crazy car accident back in the day in almost died, and his friend almost died. Friend die can't remember died because friends who died on so and remember because I think his friends family was going after the the Hogan Family I'm pretty sure because remember had fast cars. So hulks son. Nick is alleging that rapper tiga stole his girlfriend, so she allegedly got a message in her. DM's the girlfriend from Tiga so nick Hogan shared screen shots of the. His girl in Tiga and then you know. Tiger was denying it his own. Oh, she's listening to my DM's and he's like no dude. You sit in her DMZ throughout this whole argument and I, guess you know obviously tiger is pretty famous for obviously being a rapper. And then he was with Kylie Jenner, and they you know had a huge public break-up, and he said his image took a hit when he was dating her, but after her, a lot of women would show up to his shows and he was like oh sweet. Sweet like it was kind of thinking Kylie for the exposure, but yeah so I. Don't know of hoax, girlfriend or Hulk Hogan's girlfriends, although Hulk Hogan's son's girlfriend ended up leaving him fatigue, or if it was something that they were starting, so the car crash was back in the two thousand seven. He spent Let's see here two thousand eight, so it looks like may ninth to October, twenty, first, two thousand in jail as a result of that crash, but the guy didn't die. It was a serious injury in suffered a massive brain. Injury so he had a massive. Brain damage from it, so that's where it was. It doesn't sound like I. Don't think he's ever recovered. Cause brain damage. Oh Man, oh, that's crazy, but yeah, just remember when that all down. We reporting on that like every day. Remember that history. They were drunk Yup. Oh Jeez so long ago but yeah, so we'll have to see what happens with Tiga in Nick Searle friend, and the make these stallions, so she revealed the other night that she has a new boyfriend I think she was on social media I want to say she's doing an instagram live either before after the. After. The BTS and she told people to stop hitting up her phone because she got a man. She's said he's dumb fine. He's dumb, cute, and before him, and she didn't say who it was before him. Profile high profile relationship was about a year ago with this Memphis Rapper Money Baggio. And so they dated he's. I guess signed under Yo Gotti, so they ended up cutting ties, but they went on to collaborate all on Let's see on a song all data, so they're still on good terms, but they broke up, but yeah, she's got a new mansor. She said leave her alone. Moneybag IOS. House like man I feel really old. moneybags Joe. I know and then okay, so we were talking about this new celebrity reality show. It's called Celebrity Call Center, so you can ask celebs advice for problems like any issue have so nick cannon's behind this. He'll be the regular and other experts in quote, unquote experts will basically be see listeners in the business. And they said reality show. TV rejects so Brie and Nikki Bella are going to be on their Kelly Osbourne Todd Christly niimi leaks, a lesson, Milano and candy. burress Bure S. she's real recommend. Yes Oh. You can just call in and learn from them and ask their advice and I I'll say oh. Why would you want their advice, but I'm like well. You know if you look at Kelly Osbourne. She's been through a whole lot of crap. Not, some good advice. Was it like the Cameo thing? Repay the money I don't know. They said it's a new show that didn't say which networker. How are you going to get? This is not like the beginning stages. Okay, but like I said it's. Behind these couple of other quick stories that I promised speaking a shows the bt. Awards were on Sunday night, three point seven million viewers tuned in so pretty cool and Cane Brown, performed worldwide beautiful, and that was the first time the show featured a performance from a black male Solo, country artist, and then it was a two-part segment that started with the Gospel Singer Let's see Jonathan. Mic I think it's mcreynolds doing his own people. And then he made way.

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