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Reception. Billingsley actually caught the football over John Crawford. And so Crawford was coming underneath him to try and make a play on the football. It was Billingsly is a tight end, but I don't believe it. Paul. He's been e feel like a wide receiver. He returns kicks 64 to 30 certainly moves like a wide out. Now it's first down and 10, Alabama on the move from Notre Dame's 34 Jones from the shotgun throws over the middle to Smith complete across the 2015. It's a race to the end zone inside the five did he get pushed out of bounds? No, he didn't such down Alabama. He is hurt right now that he is down crossing route and then a sprint from the Vontae Smith. He just got up slowly. 34 yard touchdown. Jones to the Vontae Smith. Second time They've hooked up for a score today. 8 49 left until halftime. It's now. 22 7, Alabama, Alabama with the play action pass. Where they pulled actually to the garden. The tackle from the right all the way to the left, forcing northerners defense to believe in the run, and they got caught over top of the Vontae Smith. Devante Smith, now with 19 receiving touchdowns on the season. Wow. Extra point is up and any as 15 receiving touchdowns in the last seven games. Alabama. They've had the ball three times and.

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