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Coming up this morning. 705. Brian Darling is here. We'll talk about the Senate business today. He knows a lot about how the Senate operates. 7 35 Mark Bucher will be with us for medium rare. Getting into the restaurants in Montgomery County in the ways that they're being told to operate at 805. Byron York is here from the Washington Examiner than 8 35. We talked to the co founder of Ben's Chili Bowl, Virginia Ali trying to save our restaurants on Vince Colonies with Mary Walter. Good morning to you joining us right now, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins from Frederick County, Maryland. Sheriff Thank you for joining us on guy. I hate to say this, but we talked to you so often on immigration and Sadly, it's It's never good news. You know, during the Trump administration, I think we have you in a couple times to talk about some good news, but so often, it's about things that are happening locally or on a national level that are hurting the citizens in Frederick County. I would like to just play free. This is Theo, the White House spokesperson Gemma sake here. And she's talking about the people who will be deported under a Biden administration and we have a lot of questions for you about this. The priority for the enforcement of an immigration laws will be on those for opposing a national security threat, of course, the public safety threat And on recent arrivals. Nobody is saying that do you guys or salt or acceptable hate behavior, and those arrested for such activities should be tried and sentenced is appropriate by a local law enforcement. But we're talking about the prioritization of who is going to be deported from the country, so national security risks yet? Lot of those things are wrist and she does say You're not saying that they shouldn't be tried. But why shouldn't they be tried and deported is the question. Well, you listen to what she's saying. Everything she's saying is very loosely defined. So how do you define a national security risk? How do you define or where the parameters of a public safety risk? Listen, you have to have one set of rules that apply to all criminals. Whatever the criminal behavior is on, not only the crime they commit the jurist that they're arrested for. But the crimes they could have committed in the countries he came from. So listen, I'm outraged about this. I'm very concerned not only for Frederick County. I'm really concerned about this country, every county every community, every city. Where is this going to end up? Sheriff Jenkins. If, as you're looking at this new guidance if you can make any sense of it whatsoever, can you identify the most serious crimes for which people will no longer be deported? Well, I I can't say because again, it's very loosely defined. So what will what will the crimes be or what won't they be? So let's talk about, for instance, and I can go down and identify case after case Here locally that someone was arrested for and let's say they're charged with more serious crimes. Their plea bargained down. They get a sentence for a lesser crime. Well, they can't ID the more serious crime, but they get out. The sentence is suspended all but a couple months or maybe a year and they're released back onto the streets. That's just wrong. These people should be deported their criminal aliens, they should go. Again. This is a public safety issue really is You know, we talk about the communities that it hurts the most. And we We seem to think that that is the community's the poor communities where these people tend to live there, victimizing other immigrants and their victimizing the poorest in our communities, So it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense because you're not protecting the people that you claim to be protecting. No, not nothing makes sense about this order on yes, the community's most of risk will be the emer immigrant communities on which is criminals prey the most. Yeah, they step out and commit crimes all over the community they're involved in. Crashes and actions that kill Americans. But mostly it's immigrant communities. Other the hardest it amazing, so I'm looking at some of these suggested. Crimes here. Deportations of illegal immigrants convicted of crimes like fraud, assault, money laundering and driving under the influence will soon be curbed by the Biden administration in New York Post reports. And that's according to the White House, driving under the influence, I mean, You know, it's one thing we have plenty of Americans who get caught driving under the influence. You know, it's it's obviously a very dangerous thing to do. But if an illegal immigrant gets caught driving under the influence, it leads one to wonder. Like, why do we need to import more crime here? If that, if that is the case, if that's what happens, shouldn't a person like that be deported? Absolutely this shit again. Think about the term public safety. It's the safety of the public. The general public on again. Not only not only Americans, but the immigrant community, Uh, these people are released in and let's talk about A couple of things. You're number one. They're going to open the borders completely. They're going to allow people come into this country. We don't know who they are. What their criminal backgrounds are. What kind of public safety threats they are. And then they're gonna infiltrate our communities or commit crimes. They're not could be held responsible. They're going to Rome with impunity. Let's talk about the criminal gangs human trafficking. Drug trafficking. I mean, we have a horrendous amount of drug problems here in this region. All over the country. So this is only going to get worse. The problems are only gonna spiral and again. We've got to do something. We gotta do something to push back. Every chief. Every share of every elected official that is concerned about their community ought to be pushing back against this. Yeah, well as the problem grows on, sure, we're gonna be speaking with you more. Sheriff Chuck Jenkins. Thank you so much for your time and thank you for what you do for us. Thank you Have a great day to 6, 43 and W e mail where Washington comes to talk. I want to thank you so much for your perspective. Washington's mall I'm just telling you the truth. 105.9 FM W M A L. With the way things are right now, it's hard not to worry about what.

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