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I find it in inseparable. I, I was actually again, because like my understanding of tennis is like, oh, you can only let it bounce once you know what I mean? I was like, you know, some of this. So much of this was a learning experience to me that I thought like Serena's just uniformly beloved and there's no issue like, you know what I mean? I didn't know in until his seeing all of this was like actually very stunning. And then also the realization that we don't get to talk about women in sports enough and this is like a great opportunity to do that. Also, we don't get to talk about women are allowed to have emotions. They're allowed you guys. Oh my God. Anyway, also, can I just say sun a little historical right? It's so big too much. Say one thing about someone who is who is a bit much in tennis Rafael Nidal. Did you guys know you guys probably know. I like I'm such an idiot pools each of his ears or whatever. Before he does every hitting of a ball, he will touch each ear and he will pull the underwear out of his butt. Every every time he serves or I think is about to receive a ball that backstage every show. I do that in to clean. Coach to YouTube this, it's like ridiculous. Okay. Now we now have to. We have to move on because the Rafael, the dolls, but picking has visit. Is it OCD thing or does he wearing. Maybe you should switch stop wearing underwear? No, I think it's an OCD thing, and I would like a point deducted from his score. Definitely. It's to my can't handle it. It's too much you wanted to your ears, OCD thing, but get new underwear. But also I don't mean to like whatever you'd have to tape your people, people under the bus who do have OCD symptoms. Okay. No, I just hope that he talks to someone about it. You know what I mean? Okay. I just hope he's getting. I hope he's using some of his millions to get. I really like a healthy. All right. You guys let us move on. Sponsors sexually. Take a quick break. Okay. And when you hear better sponsors, they're delightful. And then when we come back, we're going to talk about money. Autumn is arrived at mod cloth put a Styler spin on the season with classics like a tweet blazer and quarter a jumper, not to mention bold silhouettes rich textures..

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