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Ossete imitator but never duplicated thirty seven. Make death thirty eight plus years now of knocking out all bombs on the radio. Who am i. My name is pedro. Panetta's i'm your ever so modest sosa. Also a four time gloves champs back in the day i could fight a little bit are allegedly and of course i'm an award winning writer so like a ride a little bit as well so i can find that could right but i don't know everything therefore i'm going to open the phone lines up all around the world. Give you shot here. You can show me up and tell me what you know about the world boxing. One one eight hundred eight seventy seven five one. Eight hundred eight seven seven five two nine. Of course it was also the gilfry no commitment text line. The number one four one five to seven five one six went three one. Four one five seven five one six one three of course twenty four hours removed. They're back eighteen hours remove from the undisputed world junior welterweight champ supernovae josh taylor a unanimous. Not after twelve rounds. Of course josh come to us. Undefeated from the uk. Seventeen is left. Eighteen is unanimous decision. Win over jose ramirez coming to us from central california and texas. Of course good fighter. No doubt about that came in two thousand seven zip got dropped in the sixth and seventh round the seventh round. Really hard to buy the my nose. He should lied grit and determination to complete the fight but at the end of the night. No doubt about that. Josh taylor was the winner the scorecards when fourteen one twelve which i thought were a bit charitable to mr ramirez. You're tuned during talk live worldwide. You know you're inside the world boxing. Mma after the break. We'll talk some boxing news. We'll bring in brain doctor. 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It's true soul dot. Com services are free. So if you're looking to sell make this free phone call right now and learn how your next home sale can be faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Pick up your cell phone and call right now. Eight hundred four four nine one seven five nine eight hundred four four nine one seven five nine eight hundred four four nine one seven five nine again. That's eight hundred. Four four nine seventeen fifty nine now more ring. Talk with pedro fernandes brought to you by the wbz world. Boxing council right here on sports. Byline god bless america southbound the great one don king. The wirehaired wanted no doubt about that. Of course gonna turn ninety eight. Believe august twentieth twenty-first two thousand and twenty one. I talked to them about a month and a half two months ago whose real brief course defending donald trump and still and implying the fact that the entire boxing world is against him. You know he's been screwed over for years in this guy. You're a billionaire. Black man was a was a convicted felon former murderer. Demise you've got pardon for murder i mean. How bad hand can you get dealt to be a billionaire. Black man in the world of boxing making all that money and been delta bad hand. I don't think he was both a dead hand. Of course i was just don king talking smack next week hoyer who is a former a pretty good fighter. Forty seven five the the knock on those four five on those five losses. We're all gonna stop by inside. The distance got twenty nine tales. Of course he's the opponent for. Wbz lightweight champion or one of the lightweight. Champion talk about Devon haney twenty five fifteen knockouts come to us from the city by the bay. Now living in las vegas course a big believer in the snack training as sports nutrition for advance. When bottom is victor conte's product line down there but he's going to take on oil and of course is a bit of a People thinks it's a. It's a work fight for mr tanny. Of course he showed unbelievable hand skills. A couple of fights go but then again last night when you took on your again bo in november of two thousand twenty. I wasn't all that impressed. I mean tears. Crawford knocked him down like four or five times in the fight is like an elevator ride for your again when he fought the aforementioned mr crawford him up down up down up down and so he goes into this fight. He's a devastating. Knock them down more than more than lenin coffee. We never knocked down once. I heard him either once or twice but nothing severe anyway. The bottom line is he is twenty-five zip i would have to save. Probably a prohibitive favor. You're probably about three or four to one favorite. If not more overhaul and arrows going down. May the twenty ninth on the zone. Now ryan garcia my favorite lightweight. No doubt about it and the wbz titleholder trying to figure out that maser one hundred thirty five pounds but of course he is on the shelf. Right now having emotional issues reseal sulamani president of world. Bouncy castle said. He heard that he was back in training. Things need to be going in the right direction for him so we wish him the very best. But the lightweight champion is an actual real soon. I've talked about tia. Fema lopez the man the franchise champion. Wbz six zip twelve kale. Kamov coming off that something of a facility. And though of course take on mr knock itami moss small soci- knock itami. That's going to go down in a couple months anyway. Jangled coming back off the the milk carton. I'm you. That's i couldn't i hadn't seen him for months. He was undecided. Milk cartons us missing in action. Anyway george cameras junior nineteen zip comes to us from the down underworld of australia. New zealand of course can take on lopez despite. It's going to go down on the zone as well. Of course that's going to go down the nineteenth of june and then a week later it's going to be giradi davis another guy that has a claim somewhere between one hundred thirty and one hundred and forty pounds. I think he's got the wb hundred and thirty pounds. Strap the wb hundred thirty-five pow strap now he's going after the wb one hundred and forty pounds. Strap he's taken on a kid from texas. I think he's marlboros. Berrios or something. like that. Burials undefeated. But i don't davis guys will be going after a guy that didn't think they could beat so davis is a slight favorite going into this fight with is moved up two weight classes as far as his last fight was concerned that one hundred and thirty pounds and that was a good performance. No doubt about that. I think that his peak his best fight will probably his best fighting for. Giovanni davis column tank will probably be one hundred thirty pounds because he always look like chubby hundred thirty five pounds but then again discipline has always been his lack of or he's been his lack of he's had problems outside car accident and it was a car a car wreck. He got into a November october of last year course a hit and run car accident. He was indicted by a grand jury when a grand jury jumps in and that you were a car accident. I think you're in some type of trouble anyway. We'll see how that fares out. Dave is going gonna take on one hundred and forty pound champion. Looks like june twenty six on pay per view and the question is can he get anybody to watch him on. Pay per view boxing. Fans that star are boxing. Fans that starved. They will spend money on a pay per view like that. Who knows of course is the promotional gamble. But lucy's guys a gambler gamble with other people's money so it's no big thing now a hundred thirty five pounds without a doubt lopez king. Who's next i don't know is it. Your body davis lohman. Chanko of course former champion richard komi. I'd have to eliminate him from mixed david. Haney what is what is what is ryan. Car are snow tia. Fema lopez caused evan. Haney the email champion because he never beat anybody for the title. These gave it to them. So ooh devon haney ryan garcia jorge cham roses. The rest of the guys in the top fifteen as far as lightweights concern are really no name. So we've got these top stars. Lopez davis lohan chanko. And haney was gonna and ryan garcia with an asterik because of the emotional issues. What's going to happen there. A hundred and thirty five house is the way to go. No doubt about that. You are to ring talk live worldwide check at your inside. Look into the world of boxing and mixed martial arts coming up next our brain doctors right. Dr neten set. Of course my mayland comes to tell us about boxing. The effects of boxing how to make boxing safer how to make training safer. We'll talk about that in depth. With new york's top foxing doctor for the new york state. Athletic commission talked.

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