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Asked so good my favorite and I'm just going to say rom, and it's the best of me. Have you seen it is that with the guy in the wheelchair? No wait. Yes. That gets pushed down the. It's, it's with who's with James Marsden, maybe it goes back and forth between their now their current as they like meet back up, and then it goes back to. Oh, no. Even seen that. No. It's my favorite movie. Really all time ever. It's like. Showman. Top three. It's my favorite romantic movie. Okay. Yeah. And that kind of cute. We discovered this other day. So the main characters name, and that is Dawson. Yeah. I like ever since the movie I was like, I'm gonna name, my son Dawson. Yeah. Gonna happen. And so I was telling him that and he's like oh, that'd be kinda cute because, you know, literally everyone says he looks like James vanderbeek creek. I could see that. And we were like, oh my God. He would be a little Dawson. Wait. I love. Okay. You have to girl or a boy. No. I love that name for girl really Dawson for a girl. God. Now, I can't be Dawson you a ranks of baby names, AP's will happen longtime from while. You're still twenty five. I'm twenty five. He's all about to be twenty five about to be twenty six now, baby. I baby will come in like four. Yeah. You say that I used to say it would come and I was like thirty nine almost thirty four. And I'm like, okay. Well, at least, like yeah. Yeah, okay club or a dive bar dive bar club. I like to dance. I did not see that coming. Ready to move onto the next question you said clubs. I love dive bars too. I thought you would like a dive bar dive bars annoy me, because you can't like I hate if I'm going out either wanna go somewhere, where it's kinda quiet wreck. Actually talk to people or I can just dance my booty off. Yeah. I've is loud. I don't hear anything than anyone saying. So I'm standing there. Morts more for drinking. And I really like dance much rather dance. I do like dancing. I hear you on that. But I like him. I like. Yeah. I can dance on a device to. Yeah. I don't how music stand tunes credits in. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well, we'll take you on the dance. Who's most likely to win an argument between you. If you argue me, he said layer oh, you did. Oh. Flare meyer. Oh, they heard it. I didn't miss it. Me. Are you gonna lift a leg to God make yourself at home player? Okay. Honey roasted flavored almonds, Saracho flavored almonds will Sabi and soya sauce, flavored almonds, do I have your tension? Why keep snacking on boring chips when you go to the store and pick up blue diamond almonds right now? Whether you're going to work bored at work, leaving work, these almonds are the perfect snack best part. I don't hate.

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