President Trump, Colorado, Governor Newsome discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


47 right now. On Colorado's morning news up to 15,000 National Guard members being deployed to the nation's capital days ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration 10,000 are expected to be deployed by Saturday, with another 5000 having been given authorization. Multiple agencies, including the Secret Service requested the guardsmen. NBC News Radio's Tom Roberts, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, claims President Trump has to be impeached A second time. Nine days is a long time for this president to do damage. He showed that on Wednesday when we were going through what should have been And order historic but ceremonial process of counting the electors. California Democrat Adam Schiff, Democrats have introduced an article of impeachment against the president. The impeachment is on a fast track, it could happen tomorrow. California's governor doesn't really want to talk about whether President Trump should be impeached. Gavin Newsom says he's not losing sight of what's important to a state. I'm all for it, but I'm Be candid with you. I'm focused on this vaccine distribution. My focus candidly is on you and your family and your safety governor Newsome says Dodger Stadium Petco Park in Sacramento. Cal Expo gonna be used as mass vaccination distribution sites. Parlor is suing Amazon. NBC's Chris Baloney Reports cite favored lately by conservatives and even far right extremists was taken down Monday after its Web host Amazon said moderators didn't do enough to remove violent and threatening posts. The AP also accuses the e commerce giant of a double standard motivated by politics town. A monument is challenging the governor's authority to restrict businesses during the pandemic. The resolution calls the governor Pulis's actions unconstitutional and asked him to classify every local business has essential. Town officials say also that the town will not abide by any executive orders limiting attendance and free speech at public meetings. A consumer electronic show 2021 kicked off on Monday as a virtual only event. Lot of the new tech is featured, drawing inspiration from the way the pandemic has changed our daily lives that includes things like smart masks, touchless doorbells and air purifiers you can carry with you. Coming up here in Colorado's morning news. What happens next is House lawmakers seek to remove the president from office will head to D C and try to get some of those answers next on that Dr John Morrissey what he's seen on seeing delays.

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