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A full ninety minutes passed between when Kennedy left the Party was Mary Jo and when he crashed his car off dike bridge this naturally leads to the question of what happened during that missing time and why would kennedy lie about it. was there more to the story of what happened that night before with a crash. Could it be possible that Ted's intentions for Mary. Jo were less than honorable or maybe even that she was dead before the car. I sank into the river. It's no worthy that Kennedy claimed to have been back in his hotel by two twenty five in the morning given the distance between the crash site the cottage and Kennedy's own statement about how he recruited Paul Markham in Joe Gorgan to try and Rescue Mary Jo from the car it would have been possible for him to be back in the hotel that time if he crashed the car at eleven fifteen but the time line seems much less likely if he actually crashed the car closer to one in the morning this particular theory deal simply with whether Ted Kennedy crashed when he says he did unfortunately there's not much to go off of besides two conflicting accounts from fifty years ago although don't forget the Ted did speak to the innkeeper at his hotel and that was believed to have happened between two and three in the morning honestly what seems most likely is that both Ted Kennedy and look are telling what they believed to be the truth if look got his time wrong then it's entirely possible that he did see Ted and Mary Jo in the car but <music> at an earlier time than twelve forty A._M.. But this still doesn't account for why Ted didn't mention pulling over on the side of the road I give it a nine out of tin that the official stories timeline is falls at least to some degree what I'm not sure about is whether that's intentional or just a byproduct kicked of Ted failing to recall exact details about a night where he crashed his car nearly drowned and probably when to some degree of shock no regardless regardless of intent looks story does raise some questions why was Kennedy pulled over in the first place and if he was telling the truth. Why did his version version of the story not explain why he was pulled over that night? Could it be that he didn't remember pulling over in the first place or perhaps Ted needed it to withhold the real reason that he was pulled over. Could it be that he realized he needed to sober out next. We'll look look at the various conspiracies about Ted and Mary Jo's states of mind in those fateful final minutes before the crash uh they seem like a friend or even family you trust them with your life but behind the promises of fame.

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