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Kind of kind of used it. A little tired catchphrase that eventually truly billing schools are helping the Muslim people are bringing democracy to the Middle East is not the proper way to protect American interests in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world that the idea of American government is to eliminate the threat to us. Eliminate the threat to Americans Imon truly, yes, come home, a sewing, a proper American self interested in American foreign policy starts with eliminating the threat by force eliminating forces of Americans by force in then leaving to others to build democracy to create schools to to build the roads. That's not American spits. Not America, American militaries. Will is that is that something that has changed? You know? I realized you know, we're talking about rand in than Randy and inspired people in things like that. But you know, the difference between say. Right after World War Two in the Cold War. And now, it seems that 'cause rand was was more militant I mean, she was certainly anticommunist than she believed in in taking the fight to communist countries. Right. Yes. Absolutely. She was explicitly anti-communist explicitly anti collectivist and afford policy journal writes, a hor policy is one that embraces this notion of individual rights into the idea that look there are threats to this this country, if there's enemies to this country than it's absolutely proper to eliminate those threats eliminate them resounding Lii in that. That's the only by pursuing you know, a or limiting enemies can every American be free to pursue his or her own self interest. Nets exactly what ran believed what you're not talking about incoherent Shuman favor. Of the Vietnam war wish she was against the DM or Nick and actually of move rights rights, not in the book, but writes, pretty detail about her feelings on the Vietnam war. Yes. Absolute. Well, let's turn to one of the chapters that you yourself contributed which explains why there should be no death tax or now estate tax. What is what's your basic argument that it's it's ran ass. Question would pay us to divide great fortunes, and I answered in a pretty resounding lay that even the question ran asked know, would it would it help us like there is an us in America? No, no America is is a land of individualism. And I I asked my I I ask in the book, you know, Nick, look, if you you know, if you give your rich watch your kid have a wristwatch you give it to your kid this government step in and say, well, wait a minute half of that wristwatch third of at risk Rach of blondes to us. You know, it's the greater good. The it's the the people really are the ones that earned that. Absolutely not. So yes. Ran I believe it was very much against the debt Haxhi estate tax. It is not moral to buy rate fortunes or anyone's fortune internet. You might say, well that's been that's been settled. But, you know, look at the the too quickly tally back to the feelings towards some of the great wealth creators today. Jeff Bezos, as you said, Warren Buffett, many others is the sense that they didn't earn. It's this really would be better invested in other purposes. So no them the death tax the estate tax committee on American any efforts to redistribute wealth. It a so called raider good. I think are anathema Nick to Americans without what do you think about, you know, a tradition of people you mentioned enter Carnegie before, but also John D Rockefeller, Warren Buffett a Bill Gates. These are all people who either gave away large parts of their fortune or planning to a Warren buffet talks a lot about it as taking care of his kids. But in a mess of his money is being given way had it. How do you feel about that? Obviously, it's their money that can do what they want. But is that a is that a wise choice on their part to? They can do whatever they want..

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