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You say wait on. Go ahead all get out. Is it advertised as a cock or is it like you're saying it's a i'm glad you asked. I did the research and by did the research. I watched a youtube video. That's research its name. Is john dillon. Because in the danish language which. I don't know what they speak. Dany danny did diller means fucking cock dick penis so it's john cockman cockman penis man. Is it like a superhero. He basically he's a superhero. That has a giant dick. That like you see this dick. Yes not like flushing dick. It's like in his shorts which are like red and white stripes used as a big bulge. Just know it is a fucking a rope. Yes what do you got. Gotta look this up dealer. He's got a he's got a he's got no joke. I don't think there's any limit to the amount that they can do. What does it do a show about. It's about a him like just like living with q. Cock what he uses it to like. Save kids walk dogs. He walks dogs with his uses. Dick as a leash and then has extra dick to hold a snow. Sage in front of them. A what's nas 'age that's at a sausage for dogs. You're no sausages. Now you have a dog. John diller d. i. l. l. e. r. m. a. n. d. This guy's walking on a tight rope dick. His dick is a tightrope which he then uses to also balance way. This guy's dick wait baked bagel hammer. Heads big this is big because first of all. He's wearing just a white. He looks like a candy cane dick mechanic yet but it's like a long snake thing his dick in this photo. It's literally if you type in john hillerman. It is the first image that pops up and he's standing in his backyard. Yep he's standing in his backyard this and his dick a snake down out and then it's up in the air holding onto a gas can. That's starting a fire on a grill. Actually he's pointing gas on like meat. That's cooking not how you got a good idea. Yeah he's probably poisoning. Somebody i mean with that dig way more harm. This is the picture of him walking dogs with his dick big big dog dick walker dude. What the hell bro. He's playing tennis with himself. He's holding wanting to dick as well holding other. Just say you sent tnt a real. Don't try to come from uneducated. Danish cinema and words was fucking like crazy. Like i couldn't believe it did you watch it. I watch like clips. And he's like yo. Mike happy with the dick and then they asked like there was like some interview with the people that made it. Because it's like a kid show and they're like yo like what is up like. Why is this guy and they were like. Oh it's not a penis and they're like definitely a php also. It's not advertise a penis. The me yeah. The guy's name is john dickman and they said no. It's not a pianist. But they say it is. Then they're all right back like it is a genus but it's not centralized. Hey you made a whole tv show about a penis. Guess what in a penis in is its nature is literally used for two things evacuation and procreation nice so inherently it is sexual masturbation. Sure more more more. Asian nature in nature. It's used for those two things right. Naturally like you can go your whole life without jerking off would be. I fucking murderer bill crazy. But i couldn't believe this and it's like it's very and they're like oh we do this so kids don't have to be like i would say the word that i'm to barest and self conscious kids have twenty dick's because this thing this be embarrassed about what having a big old floppy dick john. Oliver applauds charming children's show about man with twenty-foot penis. There's nothing charming about dick. That long. i just saw a video of him. Using the real. I saw visit very real everyone. I just thought. Video of john dylan and his dick was in the air spinning like a helicopter and he was able to fly and save drowning kids with a flying dick. I'll say this. If i had a big dick you fly with a bigger one. If i didn't have a tiny fucking yeah. I had the ability to like use it to like help people. How would you like fucking kids drowning. You'd walk a dog with your shit throw it you know. How does this dude ever even have. Sex is apparently he can like mister fantastic arms normal dick so i guess he could be like. Yeah like. I'm only giving you an inch quarter tonight an engine a quarter. I clicked on this article. It says can a danish tv show about a giant penis. Really be sexless. And then i click on it and literally at the top. There's a quote and says to me. This is abc control. That's all it says to me. This is out of control. That's the atlantic i. I don't think there's a way that you can have a show about a penis. This not like big all like candy cane. Look dick and i like the idea of having shows where you teach kids about like their body and stuff like that do what benefit is this. Show having on anybody if anything i did as a kid and being like damn. You'll know what's going to happen. You're gonna have kids like trying to stretch their fucking. Pp's out or trying to save people. What their penises or trying to walk the dog with their tax that that's the most dangerous i think because the dog if my dog at mytalk was attached my penis and he saw squirrel goodbye penis. I think if your dog show your dicky try to eat it my dog's definitely say my penis. Really what do you think hide from him. I don't know. I assume that you wouldn't show your dog your fucking ball. I don't like show him like. Oh hey took come on like a fucking pink dumb. Yeah no. that's not yet. A flashing him flashing take a shower and then like you know what i trust in front cables and bits just right in this face. Yeah or sometimes. I sleep naked and then in the morning i'll just like we'll get a glass of water simply you sleep naked. Not all the time as an adult yet. You'll legit the last. I don't think i've slept naked in like on purpose in years. How'd you do it by accident. It's like been doing a little house your house your you know as it going it will roll your wish yet but like not like being like oh you know what i'm gonna do tonight sleep naked. Well sometimes it's i trust my body that much. I mean to be like very comfortable. Like i when i wear like shorts or something to sleep. If they're too tight. The last thing is too tight. I just i'm like well. I'll do you one better getting shorts. Yeah i could. No because i'll do you. I'm better you probably should if you're uncomfortable. And no they're not. They're uncomfortable for sleep comfortable for just wearing. What about his boxers. I don't know. I don't like it being so tight on my stuff. You're sleeping now. you don't feel it. I definitely have to fall asleep. I need to be comfortable fall asleep. If you're a fucking boxers or too tight. I just like i'm wrong. You rich people man. Yeah you fucking pissed me off. that's what it is. Yeah i'm wearing tidies right now. You're not i am. You're wearing tidy whitey. Not white is tidy. Great grady's but they're tight tease. Yeah so they are. Like i'll show you after we do the show so hall on like full-on like the yup like an old man. Why i wanna grab this morning you you wear them all the time. I only have three pairs. And it's when i grabbed this morning three too many. You could argue. I'm not gonna argue. You're going to say that you're just gonna make the the so you just say so you just wear them. Is it not uncomfortable honestly. No it's actually kind of freeing on my thighs. Are you wearing jeans work pants. They're like like leo. But that's a rough pant feel. I need to see these whites. Oh those are nice. Actually would you. Would you anyway tidy gray in the fruit of the loom right there. Those things will be fucking while. Come up hi there..

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