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That's when I realized there might not have much leverage Is there a number still one 800 Spotify 805 You don't want to call people and say you're pulling your stuff I see what you mean It's like hi I'm Paula bounced on and then pulling my stuff It's like hey how are you Whatever you do in your free time A bunch of podcasters This is all true I've also pulling their shows in the Spotify service So I guess you'll just have to listen to the Elizabeth Warren episode of the Roxanne gay agenda on vinyl Is anyone else freaked out that it's 2022 and the most influential medium in the world is essentially radio That's terrifying A report of flying cars Yeah Or the comedian's podcasts are now the most powerful place for news Where's Walter Cronkite Is there one adult left I guess when Anderson Cooper's doing shots with Andy Cohen on New Year's Eve We're kind of we're kind of adrift That's the next thing that's going to do is get himself a podcast Gary we have one more quote for him Gary here is your last quote I think you're going to go on The Masked Singer as an anti masker That was somebody quoted on IndieWire commenting on the controversial choice to let whom compete on The Masked Singer Yes He left a word out there He left out America's nightmare The Masked Singer of course is the singing competition show where celebrities who are too pathetic for even Dancing with the Stars appear wearing elaborate masks and when one of those competitors was revealed during taping just this week to be Rudy Giuliani America asked will Giuliani be the first to complete the reality show Grand Slam First matched singer then hoarders and finally to catch a predator I've never seen that show Do they sing Yes When it works is they come out and mask singer did you not They're wearing very elaborate masks Like really high end sports mascot type thing And to the panelists didn't they stand up and walk two of the judges when they saw was Rudy Giuliani that he had nobody knows like they're very serious about keeping their identity secret They were like oh my God Rudy Giuliani has been in this show We didn't even know it They walked off They say that two of the panelists walked up but Rudy disputes those numbers Exactly He said there was 37,000 manipulated army I heard I heard that the judges that remained at the table went after he took off the mask we're yelling Take it off Please take it off Apparently Trump was really upset about this because he heard that Rudy was sing this heart out in front of a panel of judges and he stopped Like a bird Bill.

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