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I think sandy must be in a meeting now. Check my phone. So maybe she sent it. Let's see if she did. I don't know. Let's see. Well, I don't know. But it was John Foster Dulles about whom Churchill described as the only bull. I know who carries its China cabinet with him. I liked that. I liked that. I got some text messages coming in Marcus, Charleston. A message by can't read out what he said on the. In a minute. My friend Marc Lopez the. Taekwondo guru. You've met him at my birthday. He wants to know if you ever take vacations. No, I don't know. You know? I admire your hard work. But I think you might need to recharge the batteries. A recharge every night on my tempurpedic sleep set. Really like what would happen if you took a week and went to say shells or somewhere? I'm going to Dubai to make a speech in March. That's not a fun trip. Who are you speaking to? However, really paid for them. Now that they're paying the ticket. So that's a lot of money cover the first class. I think so have you ever been to Dubai never have man, it is in the middle of the desert, and it is it is hot it's hot. But it is. It would be like me if I became a billionaire everything there is what it's it'd be like if me or Donald Trump moved in there. Everything is gold plated over the top loud gauche there. There's nothing subtle understated. Yes. It is. It is every it is Gucci and Louis Vuitton and gold plated and everything they they got all this money. But absolutely no class, and they spend it in the most ostentatious way, they possibly can it's it's fascinating to watch. When you arrive at the airport. You will remember somebody described that airport? I can't remember as their debut, but somebody described that airport to me recently as a shopping mall with an airport attached when you get off. In fact, it's only airport I've ever seen this. There are different ways. People try to push you through the. The duty free when you get off that airport you are going to go through the retail area. You're you're not going to be able to avoid it. Like they got in there. No not in there. No, they don't play their their criminal Justice system. My wife's. Sister's husband ran Pepsi for the Middle East. So we've spent some time over there, and he's and he we hit I've talked about it a lot. But we visited there, and it's just a different, you know, most stuff in the Middle East is actually run by Indians. Is that right? Yeah. Yeah. It's not locals and in the government will will bring in Indians. All the civil service is Indian the engineering corps Indian the police forces Indian up and down vertically up and down the the economy. A lot of the locals are paid. Just did not riot and revolt. It's it's such an interesting. I'm grossly oversimplifying. But it is such an interesting region of the world. The extreme wealth. And and how it happened in two generations is just something to behold, what do you think the average income is of your customers? Well, I can tell you this the average income for six mile radius of gallery furniture north freeway is twenty six thousand dollars. Yeah. But that's not right. Customer..

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