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Yes, we see these thousands of poor people from Central America many from Honduras in a caravan coming up through Mexico, a seeking asylum in the United States and President Trump characterizes these folks of somehow mounting and invasion against the US. Yeah. It's really interesting. How these forces have ability to turn history upside down, and how the people who are indigenous to the Americas coming toward this other fish border that they created especially with the Mexico. They are the invaders, but when the ones who came and took the land stolen land pushed people into real, desperate straits. Now being called the invasive this is turning history. Upside down. The crisis that's been imposed on people in Venezuela and again throughout the Americas. You know, the US facilitated the cool, I think it was in Honduras. That's contributed to the crisis that we are looking at it's essentially responsible for most of what we see happening in the American people have been for years now trying to overturn the consequences of US imperialism, even in places like Nicaragua where the US puppet regime Somoza was in Thailand to nineteen seventy nine and the sun the nieces the people in Nicaragua have to adapting to kick them out and try to seize control of their own country their own resource that own dignity of the home sovereignty all to be bombed and murdered by the Reagan administration. All of this stuff happened. It is contributed to the chaos and people have been struggling to try and to get their own footing for years and years now, and that's part of what we see the US trying to make sure that they are not able to stand on their. Own seat that they can achieve control the own resources. And so they've become the enemy and the objective of the Trump administration, of course, to convince the Terry white people in this country, which is me and all people in this country that somehow they're being invaded by these poor starving. People who might be from the Middle East or the lengthy from some other place have criminals and murderers than what happened is I mean grin. What is so striking? If you look at the history of this. If you look at the history of the Americas, then for the criminals and the murderers came from and established dissing borders that we looking at in the Americas as make this set of sleepy of being digilent- sequel flavor of applicants people and the people again have been spoken for years and years people filling those people coming from Wasser motherhood, there's a new car that might become much more. And I remember that think it was nineteen fifty four when the US government overthrew the bins government. Because the people simply didn't want to keep growing bananas for United fruit company and people have been struggling trying to take control of the online only sources and US has been the enemy of that this as it has been the enemy of our people in the United States and other places around the world. And this is what we have confronted with..

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