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State of the record industry and speaking of the grammys pianist and composer billy child's has nominated for best jazz album he tells us how los angeles inspired his hybrid composing styled like grew up but not really seeing any difference between a beautifully stay to work of art in jazz and in classical to me it was all the same thing and there's a new player on the animated movie seen all that and more after this short break from kpcc news i'm nick roman with the stories were covering at seven a one us department of justice is threatening to subpoena los angeles and other cities over sanctuary policies of public radio's been bradford says it's the latest move by the trump administration in a dispute about whether local policies to protect undocumented immigrants violate federal law the justice department has demanded the twenty three cities counties and state agencies turnover any instructions they've given want forcement or public employees to not cooperate with federal agents the trump administration says it can revoke federal law enforcement grants to states and local governments the don't share information with immigration agents city say that's an unconstitutional federal overreach judges in chicago and san francisco have rejected to broader attempts to trip funding from sanctuary cities and executive order from the president and a justice department attempt to withhold future law enforcement grants the trump administration is appealing those decisions california receives about twenty eight million dollars annually from the grants at state capital and been bradford the desert news newspaper quotes a defiant coachella mere steven hernandez this evening saying his heavily latino city would not comply with the justice department demand says hernandez.

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