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Aspects of it but i've seen in his recent moves a cleverness that i find interesting and by the way we tried the six party framework hub with china in the chair japan russia the united states south korea and north korea and uh i think it's one reason that you want to make this multilateral diplomacy what's just happened what the north koreans love to do is to drive wedges between the various parties and perhaps there may be krone which they're trying to do now so you have to be very careful that you don't get into bilateral negotiations with the chinese or bilateral negotiations with the japanese of with the north koreans without really fully integrating the south koreans who of course have the most stake president you use the word diplomacy the prison has and and you're very close to the secretary of state rex tillerson you're the one who or one of the ones who referred him to the prison he was over in china in the fall and he was working very hard to try and get some sort of negotiations going and the president tweeted i told rex tillerson our wonderful secretary of state that he's wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rock at man put yourself in his shoes here there with the chinese and the president of the united states publicly rebuked you for doing what you were sent there did i can't imagine that happening i hate to stay again i can't imagine that happening with the president that that i served i'm quite sure it wouldn't have happened.

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