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That may be isn't the best choice for consumers i agree i i so so agree i'm going to shift gears yep i'm gonna go ahead and put our interview with dried right here in the middle sweet of get a coffee go get a coffee i'm not going to write the second but you get a coffee and we'll be right back welcome to this segment of the apple insider podcast i'm victor and i'm here with yossi hey so you'll see your the founder of dried the threat and uh the the main is dried dot idaho that's d r i d e dot idaho now i started speaking with you a year ago about a dashboard camera projects that you're working on and at that time i was doing crazy things like taking a raspberry pie and putting a camera on it and then running your app on the iphone so why don't you tell me a little bit about what's changed since then so we started three years ago dr is accompanied started two years ago uh with the bigger vision off shutting lights on the on road events and we just thought how can we take uh events that happened on the road and today uh just um didn't get anywhere and make them uh visible and actionable so um we've developed um and operation system for uh for descamps how we call it dried os um and basically this os allows um you or any other maker to take a raspberry pie and gist uh with um very limited amount of work to put it on your windshield and have a fully functional um dash cam uh so you're one of the first to actually try this um.

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