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This half hour emergency crews Washington Camp County apartment building multiple people trapped and injured after an explosion at the arrived perimeter apartments. It started when arriving crews encountered heavy gas fumes. Police were able to start evacuating residents. At some point, though there was an explosion, which trapped multiple people inside, an officer tells Channel two action News. The blast blow the building two pieces several people reportedly at Grady's Burn unit. It's unclear if anyone is still trapped in the rubble there multiple law enforcement and fire agencies assisting in the rescue effort there, the blast so powerful that a damage surrounding buildings If you are in the area, you are being told to stay in your home and we invite you to tell us about it. Using our open mic feature on the WSB radio app. And now this apparently is the second explosion at a Dunwoody apartment building in less than a year. Two people were entered in a fire and explosion at the Dunwoody Village Apartments last December, and that happened just before Christmas. Acworth Police say a man shot and killed his wife early this morning on park Brooke Drive. The victim, identified as 32 year old Adrian Rush her husband can Tereus back is now behind bars. Roswell Police say a man is dead and a woman critically injured after a driver laying drag fled from police and crashed. All charges are filed in connection with Friday's deadly shooting outside a busy Buckhead shopping center. W SVS Jennifer Perry with this update. Atlanta Police center charging 17 year old Kobe senior with felony murder, as well as charges related to the vehicle break in that led to the deadly exchange of gunfire. Investigators believe senior was with 19 year old Don t V. S. Cobb, who was shot and killed when a man found two teens in his jeep. At the Peachtree Battle Shopping centre Under.

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