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And I had come to the conclusion by that time having been in Hollywood that they have a tendency to type cast you. If. You look like or seem life of very nice person. That's usually the kind of part you get. If you look like a gangster at is most likely the kind of apart you will get. So I was brought in to read for this particular part. And I kept in mind that this guy was Kinda, like Brash, it was a little one guy you know. So that is the way I behave not just when I was reading for the part but when I was being interviewed for the park. and. But when I after Reading For the part I thought to myself I take I. got this. I think I did really well. So a week went by and I called my agent at the time and I said his name is Phil. I said Phil whatever happened with the Star Trek. He said, well, everybody likes you but the director he thought you were a wise guy. I said wait a medic few. told me. That's what the part was well anyway. So it was water under the bridge at that point. Then, about a week later I got a call from the same agent saying garth guess what they couldn't find anybody. They liked better than you. So you do have the part. So that's how that happened. Very cool. Yeah everyone's cool right and is you know that that was the? Called Mirror. And that is one of the most popular of the episodes that that are been presented by Star Trek. In you know I think at that time also, the idea of a mirror universe was very new in Sifi. When you first read the script, what did you think about it well here again is say at the time at the time Char Trek was another show I I didn't think about it. I thought I've gotTA learn my lines. You know try to portray this character as presented and That's what I dealt with I didn't deal with. Better Watch show, you know better hone up on the rest of the show or all the other shows that are playing I just went in and did it I mean because what often happens is you can have an idea when you walk in to do a apart and then the director says, no, no, I, want you to do it this way I want more of this I want less fat. So it's not a good idea to really cement which you're going to do when you get there because he's very likely to change it. and. There's nice. May Have said I don't think I have is that I find that the? Film and Television is very much a director and an editor's medium. I don't really find it so much an actress media. Because there's so much they can do to enhance and or even ruined performance. You know. So that conclusion I've come to over the years because I personally think I've seen actors I don't think of her. But they come across really well on television and film, and so they're interesting uniquely and look at it. I've never really considered it before but you make a very good point about that. I'll I I really think. So I mean, apart sometimes I tell people that I say, how is it possible to get a candidate almost or an academy award performance out of a child who six years old? How does that happen you know as is the child who six or seven years old born a great actor or actress I don't think so I think they have equality and the director and the editor get are able to mold it. So it it it it becomes. Outstanding. That feeling about it. I mean, I have seen well known actors in parts which I thought they were not very good but I really believe that it's not the actor who wasn't good. It was misdirected or Miss cut as miss edited something like that. In other words they stayed let's say as an example back on medium shots where if they had come in for close up where you can see on television the emotion, the thinking process that the actors going through it gives a much more dramatic quality. Well, if you're on a medium shot, you quite don't see that. So that's why I say it's an editor's. Medium I think and and or directors media and sounds you know No Yeah. It's all sorts of things they can do. Thank, God. Maybe. So what do you remember about your first day of walking onset and getting your costume? What'd you think about Star Trek, the bridge and all that kind of stuff. Well, being all that sort of thing because I had never been acquainted to sort of set you know the kind of space thing it's very impressive. It's very impressive. You know what's going on the other thing you know that happened with that particular show Mirror Mirror is that You know it starts out my scene starts out with William Shatner walk out of an elevator, and as he steps out of the elevator, you see a fiscal up and hit him in the jaw I. Guess You know and Then they can usually cut to a commercial and then they come back but he William Shatner said I said you know I was willing to throw the punch but he didn't want me to. Thinking about it, of course, he did because here comes as young ambitious actor who wants to make it really looked good and he might accidentally. Hit him you want. So he had a stuntman come in and throw the punch. But you don't the angle of of where the camera is. You can't tell connection or not. Now, of course assumed this connection and you hear the noise. So you soon release been hit. You know. But anyway that that's Stuck, out of my mind, you know it's a time. Don't know you're not doing this..

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