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On fire. He's been really really good passing the football if he continues is the best. I've seen them look is a passer. We know what he is a runner but keep making plays down the field and then when you flip it over on the other side their defense. It's pretty consistent right. They're gonna turn the ball over guard and one of the best corners and the country playing good defense making them earn. Indiana gonna have to bring their again. That's a good one too. How about uva versus unc. No usc bounce back a week ago. Sam how had three hundred fifty two yards through the air. One hundred four on the ground but david this uv eighteen the cavaliers man average of forty. Two points a game. I think this is going to be a high scoring affair. Don't sleep on. Uba versus you would see. This is going to be one of the best matchups of the weekend. He was one a city. Brennan armstrong armstrong. Big strong suck. How about all shutout last week. All right let's do it against the bresca right. Let's see this defense swarm him get after the quarterback. Let's stop the see him do it very consistently. We know that got better players on that on the side of the football hey nebraska police show up like just show me something. Show me the poll. Please tune proven this for a while. Let's see what he can do. His feet sitting with his arm allowing riley a guy that can even depend on nebraska. We're waiting for we wanna see it. Please please stay guys. Call me glass half boy. I got faith in this. When i really do the time. Then why would i. because they don't call them the there for nothing. Chris pollica aka. The bear from college game day joins us and bear listen. What's your most intriguing game as you survey the landscape heading into week three. I got to agree with david pollack. Cincinnati indiana because it is step a in what cincinnati needs to accomplish in order to be considered for the college football playoff godwin uninspired second-half pull.

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