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Breezy, colder Today high should reach 45 34. You're breaking up to right now. Being late. Welcome. And thanks for taking us along for your Friday morning ride shall be that he uses we head into this day together. Latest on covert now 24.6 million US coronavirus cases. As of this morning worldwide, the death toll stands at more than 2,000,409 0.7000 of those American deaths. Maryland's governor locally once every school district to start offering at least some inverse in classes if they aren't already doing so, and he wants it to be done quickly. Governor Larry Hogan says the switch to virtual learning prompted by the pandemic has lead to terrible learning loss. So we are urgently Calling on all county school systems. To immediately make every effort. The return to hybrid In person instruction. No later than March, 1. If not sooner. Maryland Deputy Health Secretary Doctor Jin Lien chan, there is little evidence that school reopening is a major driver of overall community spread. Governor Hogan says he can't order school boards to reopen schools, but he will do everything he legally can to make it happen. Michelle bash. W T o P News you tell him. The Marilyn Teachers union denies is blocking to return to the classroom and is criticizing the governor at the same time for this plan. Cheryl Post, president of the Maryland State Education Association, said Governor Larry Hogan's not correct when he suggests that teachers have placed endless roadblocks in the way of opening schools. As soon as we heard about the vaccine, we advocated to make sure that our educators To be prioritized so we could open schools sooner. Boast also said that teachers in school boards have worked to come up with plans to open safely as to Hogan's statement that he'd look at whatever legal means he could to getting school boards, which are independent bodies. Toe open by March, 1st Post says that's not collaborative. That's not going to get results and as educators, we know it's about relationships and collaboration. Not threats. Can't Brian w. T o p news Men for shots is overwhelming locally in Montgomery County, we're seniors have begun to pre register for the shoe doses that are actually available. Emery County is not finished vaccinating health care workers yet, but his pre registering some seniors to possibly start getting their shots early next week. County executive Mark Eldritch vaccinate more than the 19,000 people a week that we're currently vaccinating more than 68,000. Seniors. Age of 75 up have preregistered for Phase one B tier, one of the state's vaccine plan so far. The problem is availability. The county says They only receive 7301st doses this week, County health officer Dr Travis Gales as we get them, we are putting them out there. But we have a long way to go. At a hearing earlier this week, it was estimated there were up to 20,000 health care workers still needing shots. Valerie Bonked w T O P News. He's mayor says the city is working to get more vaccines into the arms of residents. And like much of the rest of the nation, demand is far outpacing supply right now. Them numbers make it clear that we're getting the doses out. Our systems to get some are working, but we simply don't have enough vaccine to meet the demand in our city from now on vaccination appointments and D C will be released. To eligible residents every Thursday morning to priority ZIP codes, DC, posting more than 22 openings on yesterday. Those were booked up within minutes. Citywide appointments will be released every Friday. 740 Maurin fact will be made available this Friday morning in D. C for those 65 older.

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