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Don't go to say it's like forty thousand dollars. That's a lot of gas solves some focus for going up. You're talking dump trucks not going to happen. We're talking fires not not on my watch. Firetrucks ain't going past that say the hose can go past the limit. Maybe sure if it's not the truck itself though hand the exactly by a county vehicle it can pick it up at the city limit line so those those are franks ideas and making sure that i'm guessing department level heads can't drive their vehicles home at night. Know that's gonna add like forty thousand times that by thirteen you got. I don't know three hundred million dollars helps problem. Solve under fee also means police cars too. 'cause like a lot of cops well they don't have enough storage at the barn for every cop car lot or parking for everybody when they get to work but a lot of cops will drive their cop car home and park it in their neighborhood. And it's i mean arguably but i think it's probably a pretty effective deterrent way to just make cops like a part of the community. Oh you know what i mean. What would you want to do that. I don't know never mind. They should all be on mark of being stupid right now. So i believe it's Onto the regular to meetings where the budget discussion. I know this is all fucking over the place but It's hard to play catch up and make a concise council members earn notorious here in town of Making motions of substitute motions and substitutes to the substitute motions and it gets really confusing. And no one knows what's going on including is trying to keep track of what the fuck is going on. Oh my god is that the worst job in billion skits got the i imagine. What are those call. One of the storage they. Yeah someone up front so they can read back what people are saying or just some sort of robot. i don't know like like telemedicine about the wonders the council chambers. This spits back what they've been saying mentioned having to read back. Franks state be bop. bop jazz. Four aero works not found but administrator goski expresses his displeasure with having to figure out what the council members will never seen. A group makes so many mode substitute motions and subsequent motions. Which frankly i think frustrate each other in confused the public whatever you choose to do my advice to us just straightforward make amendments to the budget. Vote them down or vote them off in in. This feels a little bit four. And i think this four frustrates the public. Because they don't understand what's going on at at the end of it gets even better off. I recognized gaspar. Brown still need a little bit more by seymour. Clarification there were schwartz board of fuck. Can we all do the. But i'm just gonna let that go talk over at jesus. So they're trying to figure out what the budget looks like boarded or of in question before and this is councilmember niece. I don't understand exactly. He cites a certain thing in the city council charter that i'll just try to let the city attorney. Explain it because there's no way i can. But he makes this motion before they approve the city budget. And it's this weird or not arcane but just weird in the weeds kind of motion to. I don't know exactly. It's fucking frustrating. What it is. I man. let's do. This does consist multiple distinct propositions and budgets every budget stance on your enterprise funds. Separate enterprise zones. You have separate departmental. It is not all one budget considering under consideration more than one proposition. So i hereby request. That'd be separated. Turney parliamentarian brent brooks. Can you help us here. Your honor a my interpretation is the same as yours talks about the question under consideration as opposed to the various departments or divisions that are included within the city's budget. The operative word me in your own rule is if they question as one or more or multiple parts if i am just one piece. Is we look at the clock. So this is casper. Earn council member. This is the city of minister cole. Ski mania coming in hot saying oh by the way during this meeting we have to have at the public safety mill. Levy foul language. We had to have that prove which is also on this agenda. Which is the regular session. June twenty second. We have to have this language approved. Just get on the ballot because if we approve the budget with the assumption that a public safety mill levy is going to be approved. And we don't get the public safety mill levy to bow language approved screwed in a whole bunch of trouble so they're approaching midnight on this meeting. They haven't gotten to that agenda number yet. They haven't approved the ballot language. Which spoiler alerts they all ultimately did but they hadn't added at that point and he was getting worried. Yeah that they weren't going to get to that point where they'd approve it. And he decided to interject. They're going to get to the strike of midnight. We need to get the second reading of the public safety to done today. Literally the election is on the day. We've confirmed this three different times. Elections office is on the day as minimum is statue. So i need you at some point tonight before midnight to satisfy despite the discussion in deal with the second reading. We're going to get on midnight. You could you could tell the i had concerns substitute motions improve the enterprise so is so through that entire thing. The question if you if you understand great because i still don't. I've listened to like three times. I still don't completely understand. He want from my like vega understanding. I think he wanted to pull out every single individual department and just approve them one by one app. Really which at the time as watching it best when i came to. And it's like well. Didn't you have a presentation by every single using different department individually. Got up and said bob this this this and this hasn't that already been done and if you're paying attention and then you had some concerns about it. You would make a note by that certain budget and call it out and ask the question rather than biggie. every single department get up again and Approve their budget individually. Got it was. It was mind blowing so he moves onto just calling on specific funds as in the Proposed in the final budget and we will give the enterprise starts with enterprise motion and to argue motion with win simply notices not anything in the general fund and deserve second council member. You won't make second comment. I don't even think he knows what it secondhand andy helped me out of yorkers enterprise on a very specific you know kind of technical accounting term technical account come on. His budget are not being adopted with on is i think it's a lot more than just the general fund. I guess everyone to resume house tres. Eller says financier exhibit broken down by funds. I i would counsel nieces. Motion to include wastewater water parking solid-waste airport in transit. I don't under- enterprise. Funds on age to of the exhibit resolution officially entered the movie inception in the dream within the dream or okay and i believe i'll have to long pregnant pause just to highlight this lake. They approve the budget with the assumption that the public safety milwaukee would be passed which is not a safe assumption which is not a safe assumption. They did get around to approving about language public safety meal every two. Okay good spoiler that happened. I don't want you to be here all day. And the actual breakdown of the budget itself. I thought he recorded a snippet of what it was kendra summary i. Yeah oh she gets to. Yeah that's what i've been just kinda glancing at this whole time. Basically the budget three points. She said okay to keep everything operating this year including all the major park. Amenities council voted forward. This tripod number one. Seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar cuts to police fire in parks and number two one million dollar increase to pd one. This will show up in your taxes as an increase in cessna. Park district one at pencils out to an increase of about thirteen. Seventy seven for the average household number three seven hundred thousand from reserves. So that's basically how they made it work for one more year. There you go and she wanted to bring it up to. She made a motion to bring it up to like one point seven during the meeting at some point. yeah And i got voted down. Because she just didn't wanna use fixed it yes. She didn't want us reserves And it would've made a twenty dollars. May the visualization of balanced budget. If you will in running Had an initiative at the end of the meeting about senator around public safety which is kind of on the forefront of people's minds in one of her tuition sponsoring to it so initiative a proposal for a council initiative or a citizens. Police advisory board. And i've listened the details in the just sent you filled out the form so you'll get the form that's been filled out and just so the public not in for those of you that have access to your email right now. Typically i would have handed this to each us. You you sat at the tables but this is something i've been working on for a while and have reached out to saint john and ken rogulski near coal and heaven linden south..

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