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We will get you who is the rat and mr anonymous of a giant locker room that led to so many problems because i think i have it figured out it just a moment first let's continue with the phones here at eight five five two one two four cbs that number again is eight five five two and two four two two seven if you're just tuning in dak prescott so franchise quarterback folks his dreadful performance on thanksgiving shouldn't change said the cowboy problems lie a lot deeper the dak prescott and we're take your calls on that mike in baltimore's here mike you're on cbs sports radio hey go harvey alladays morad u2 microbes up pretty hit vocal hey look i'm gonna tell you right now to see the dak prescott is a franchise quarterback i mean to me it's it it reminds me of rings bells of when they said that three was a a franchise quarterback i e that the same type of people i see him in the same guys you know their system quarterbacks there's no way he he is a franchise quarterback them all do okay ho ho so they say chose not a franchise quarterback f you put joe flaco in front of that line with seaches the running back and he's got the receiver said he has i mean granite they're not they're not the receivers they were and uh uh whatever is other name is i don't even want to give them credit but if you get joe flak who that i've come on that prescott uh it's not gonna have bre for the call i want to make one thing clear amateur flaco guy i think joe flack was the franchise quarterback but don't go telling me joe flaco doesn't have any offense of lyman when martial yonder has been one of the best offensive lime in football and he's been sitting there protecting joe flaco do i picked the cowboys are better this year which joe flaco as opposed the dak prescott.

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