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It's not the same as wondering what score for. Quarterbacks that has no correlation I don't know where you. Got that from dude Okay we we best it's probably pointless right we've just. No no we need we should move on yeah Tonight, have? Picked a, different, fact, or some. Better example than I. Do I don't know I don't know I, don't I don't really. Know I I'm at a loss I. Don't know what. To add here I do like and I I will admit that it is perhaps it's perhaps faulty but I appreciate that you're going to sit down with somebody and try to figure out whether or not he honestly is convincing in his desire to get better. And do the work that is required and that, being? A something to respect in making the choice have you ever done that in a job interview, ever did you ever think that in a, job interview. The match saying he did, just saying like can't that easily. That easily, beat a disguised be misinterpreted I misinterpreted it could be I don't? Know about disguising it. I mean that's that's. What, are your sincere out. Or come off as sincere I think But it's not something no I think jobs that I went to interview. Four when I was desperate for a job that, I? Didn't really want I think they smelled it on me and didn't hire me to be an, assistant manager at CVS in New Haven Connecticut, because I. Wanted to kill myself if, I was going to work at. CBS he, knew it did the person they hired convinced that they wanted to. Be this Doldrums ridiculous to me how, about if I had picked like a. Map instead if I if I had told that guy well from buffalo to. Rochester it's sixty miles how do you know that I saw it on. A mad over there like no that's not good enough, you're, the super. Guru, you shouldn't, have to walk it that's basically what that guy told me I don't care whatever. You don't have you go ahead and go ahead and spout your Super Bowl stat I'm sure, again you, know it's the time of year, when fans wanna believe anything that makes. Them more hopeful so. You know that guy will walk into a bar and, say that and everybody will probably you know agree, with it and love, it and maybe. Even buying drinks do it Eight, oh three, oh five fifty Sal coming up, at five Mike Chopin the bulldog WJR.

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