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Market and move their factories. I know. I promised that we would never speak of eminent as an odds ram again but they forced my hand because this domination is getting drastic book eighteen edition three zanga has been approved to this is related to outdoor luminary specifications the fcc has eight germicidal uv web portal. This is health. Candidates approved gv product list and a bunch of safety resources riffle will merge with one source both electrical distributors will maintain their existing management structures. You l. is set to begin verifying healthy buildings based on air. Water hygiene lighting and acoustics Us do is funding. A university of wyoming research on into alternative uses for coal which might lead to more carbon ors and rare earth element processing the g. l. d. is mapping stakeholders. This is lighting directory naming major groups and areas. Volek's excellence across the world helium spectrum. Metra line has been approved by dale see wreck cell will be spending six point two million on a new facility in dallas rb w is moving to alster new york get a grip on leading places to steve. Perry of thousand bulbs senator sherrod. Brown is taking a photo op with Ged savant workers in ohio vantage and A a spire have formed an alliance on human centric opportunities. Lewin pulse has rebranded. I guess there l. mpg now eaten has reports reported a strong huron with a net income of not quite half. A billion dollars has increased their investment in unicorn This is a fourteen million dollar backing into a semiconductor manufacturer. Orion has released. Their annual. earnings annual revenue is at one hundred. Seventeen million dollars be. Us navy is seeking energy analytics. this is smart energy meters. Find across all facilities and many vessels. Cooper has a new builder program. This is a rewards program for residential. Contractors pro source is hosting the grand opening for a dmc tech and learning center in dallas. Legrand is announced their q on financials. Organic sales are up. Thirteen percent west has posted one hundred thirteen million in profits in q. One you're recollecting has won. Four red dot awards in four different product lines. Jen lead has a new website. Bespoke our our for the acolyte. An edgy light brands arc. Light summit has announced speakers The full slate of presentations is now available for your perusal. Light fair has sponsored. Light for light webinars. This will run from the tenth today till the thirteenth two days from now and rep agencies. We silica has partnered with layton and decca lights lumine parse. Lumine pulse has partnered with nations for metro nyc northern new jersey takes signs will signs with metrics lighting in the greater toronto area. Legrand is named lighting dynamics for cleveland and columbus ohio floss esteemed with sos in new york and northern new jersey and diversified will merge with the liberty lighting group and vision has added cooper as a supplier in market projections Controls will reach twenty six billion dollars in value by twenty twenty. Six street leading will reach not quite three hundred. Forty million by twenty twenty five. The xenon gas market is set to grow by two percent. Industrial leading market will grow by seven percent by twenty thirty one and the decorative laminates market will grow by one hundred two billion dollars one point two billion dollars over the next four years in recommended reading me jeff. Beer on emergency lighting past present future. We have data visit visualization for better energy use. We have fly back to policy for dr l. e. to drive custom. Led's and five and a half lessons from a light show. Wests shen fager. Halt and sunny will be partnering on indoor location systems. This is bluetooth based navigation. Dolly has announced deli plus for a wireless in ip based networks and wise key will be processing and ft's from space They foster satellites will authenticate blockchain transactions. Jail you of guessing will research to mention materials. These are new. Artificial crystals led phosphorus. We have gallium nitrite. Send transistors for better. Led according to the frown hoffer institute signify is experimenting with floating night lights for fish. These are latvia farms. In china equipped with solar powered lighting anti singapore will be creating smart daylight harvesters for underground spaces. These are balls and fiber optics that can bring the sun to your basement and horticultural news. E coalition and solemn have released an ammo you for greenhouse automation scotts miracle miraclegro. They also make lights are predicting. Thirty percent in cannabis related revenue growth in the near term cambridge. Researchers are using plant circadian systems for smarter. Farming curtis mathes has partnered with dynamic research on Hemp genetics and in good old japan the jr east to train stations will be growing their own lettuce in doors. These farms are planned in canto to hokuto and joshi sue regions in their sky news. Th rushes are changing their flight and calling behavior related to allen To virginia parks were recognized as dark. Sky preserves prime ville reservoir has That's a state. Park has been named a guy park night shift. Work and light at night have been linked to cancer. This is the us department of health and human surfaces reporting a link between long-term circadian disruption and thirteen kinds of cancer in lab rats and or lab mice starling. Starlings satellites are continuing to pollute the skies in this case arizona and utah Reminder that space junk can only multiply at this point and that another circadian disruption news type. Two diabetics will experience more cardiac inflammation after alan exposure and local news. Michigan is funding park leading up gate upgrades. Those are dark. sky friendly santa fe. We'll be taking over state owned streetlights for their projects. Atlantic city is offering new efficiency programs as the entire state of new jersey tulsa. Oklahoma also has new efficiency programs. Dekalb county schuylkill. Schools have installed a donated set of uvc disinfection tools berry air. Bc's street streetlights are said for upgrades and you may recall an osprey nest that delayed some upgrades in the stadium is delaying them again. because ospreys are tricky like that jacksonville. Florida has won a school over. There has won a conservation award vernon bc will be converting twelve hundred streetlights minnesota will be amending its conference conservation. Improvement program lamb. Morada will be upgrading. Four thousand streetlights. Every university of california campus is going. Led and the puget sound energy authority. Utility has named an iot partner and project news. You can make an led for your sleeve. This is a custom sensor and led board and if people news roman moskowitz will lead trust works new led lighting division. Nora has added to engineering staffers. Brienne muscleman has been named the director of education at the. Is klay. Brewer is light lines. Newest regional sales manager and helix electric has picked cody kennison as vp of ops. That's been me. You can join nailed individual memberships now available so you can get associated get educated get more out of your life and career or you can tell a friend you like this. Show 'cause that'll help me out in the meantime i've been scott walker. Enjoy the music. Don't tell me what here. Just take me on krista. Because i've been hard and and wait.

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