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Live. Now. That's what I love. And that's what I know. I didn't even know. Dangerous minds was insects five. Oh. American defeating. I'll go to America. I'm a mel's guy. Okay. That's a great full right there. What do you get? I like a breakfast at mouse. Hey. Brown potatoes milk with your breakfast. Can we get one of the cold Budweiser to I don't know? All right here, we go. Well few things here does is unprecedented. We have meant interruptions here during the pop culture showdown whatever coming into his region. But I. Notes I need to follow through for starters respect lottery respect to Michelle Pfeiffer. Honestly, I'm not getting enough Pfeiffer these days, and the Coolio the whole thing was great. I get a rough and tumble. She wins them over it straight shooter. Scott it, well, here's the thing though. Now, you're coming at me with a young Dreyfuss, dude, you're coming at me with Wolfman Jack eating popsicles is that what you're trying to tell me are you coming out, and he would told by booze and improperly throwing up, and then as cope said a more American graffiti, they send them over to now told went to fight for this country. Do you think I'm gonna let people stand around and insult this country not over my dead body and not over toads dead body, Murph. I'm going I'm going with the whole American graffiti, very well didn't know we're halfway done. And the only reason I'm going to actually do this unprecedented. Throw to a third party here. What's going on? I'm not going to tell you that Tony Ryan creative. Tony a lifeblood of Camby are one of the most important guys in the building actually helped me a little bit on this because I needed my. In the six five. Cued him because he walked in here unannounced, Tony I wanna throw win one more caveat to my American graffiti breakdown where if it's one of the best soundtracks of all time, it's a double CD package when you buy it in the store if I'm not mistaken. I loaned it to creative Tony or I don't know fifteen.

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