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On off about a inflammation and and cholesterol and one or wanna kinda get straight dr before we get in some of these other products at the hill bottle both are trying to get the sequencing here's all body makes our own cholesterol miliver and if you're overproducing cholesterol does does that cholesterol if if you've got the bad guy the large particle whatever it is the small particle um ldl and is that then implanting in the blood vessel walls triggering the inflammation orders the inflammation the help to um you know clause the the the increase of cholesterol which comes first year well i think that the information if you have information going on in your body uh it's going through a path that cholesterol particles and try to neutralise it so there for information is really the mechanism that accelerate the cholesterol buildup in the wolf he got oldest cholesterol floating around it gets into that riddled gap junction with in new york carry a war uh it doesn't like it so what happens is if he got a lot of information going around it's going to actually trying to sort of isolated and actually tune in an animal his though like if you don't get a splint out of your finger that can was red hot all right irritation that for happened inside that are artery wall so if you have a lot of information zone on so if you're smoking if you're not exercising gotta let us sugaring diet if you had a lot of abdominal those are the risk factors for heart disease and they're the risk factors because the court there's a lot of information so if your cholesterol level happens to be elevated and you have a high percentage of ldl cholesterol uh and delta get that ldl cholesterol by itself is in something that actually is dan it's when it becomes oxydized when become leaky and that oxidation is the process of changing that cholesterol so it is that it's so does invest itself in the wall so inflammation in my opinion is so much worse than the cholesterol level with fell fights for people with my cholesterol which other rescue natural supplements would you recommend and one so clearly the triple play for cholesterol is rescue l e l x q which is the added coq ten in tuesday's former written thrice credit that we had so red yeast rice 1200 milligrams coq 10.

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