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And prophecy it was just kind of like in cold blood i saw john keo as a truman capote of the field uh he he came up with such a non fiction novel like approach to motspan it's really been a magnet for all of this uh evil demon then bad luck part and i i don't think it's the creatures for so much with all of the uh kind of fixings that people put around well that's a good point now let's talk about the marksman death curse elaborate on that force alone well uh first of all you had 46 people dying immediately and that really anybody associate with point plug them with moffat it became uh a real clouds over point pleasant point pleasant in and of itself is only four thousand people four thousand souls so here you have 19 sixty seven a who large portion of the population raise just killed immediately when the bridge collapsed and what i started taking data on was firm since when the movie came out in two thousand two in january two thousand two within one week you had different eyewitnesses brothers and sisters dying uh you know a very young ages and then you started seeing that different people a thirty associated with the movie were dying and so obvious it seems more of them statistically significant i've got a start documenting and that's why i very quickly found that there were eighty people on that lewis uh m now that's why in the book i went ahead still very directly associated with people were starring uh you know in the wake of montferrand citing more ban book different phenomena week directly related tomasz that may were people uh you know the directors of the movie uh family and uh individuals like uh you probably me the new gm key yes brought black helicopters yup the way he guy.

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