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CDC we want our churches in our places of faith and worship we wanted to open a CDC is going to be I believe today they're going to be issuing a very strong recommendation and I'm gonna be talking about that a little while but they're going to be opening up very soon we want our churches open we want our places of faith synagogues we want to open and that's going to start happening I consider them essential and that's one of the things we're saying we're gonna make that essentially you know they have places essential that aren't essential and they open and yet the churches aren't allowed to open and the synagogues and again places of faith Moscow places of faith yeah no doubt about up places of worship being essential I think that was dealt with in something called the first amendment so how upside down injured Publicis world that what should be the last to be shut down our houses of worship in Colorado are the first to be shut down and what should be first to be reopened are among the last to be reopened but again that's Jerd policy is far left world view this secular hard laugh that now controls Colorado so should houses of worship say no we are going to re open and does should they do that this weekend and of course if they do that in a very safe way which of course they would anyway given who they are and to ensure they do that eight five five four zero five eight two five five on the Dan Kaplan show obviously houses of worship virtually all of them are large enough that you could have significantly more than that ten people permitted now by king told us many more than ten people and and have at least twelve feet between each person you know.

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