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I was probably about eighty percent. I wasn't one hundred percent but I went through camp ianna Hannah pretty decent camp and I thought it was gonNA make. The team did not make the key team is wide receiver. I immediately got calls from Kansas City city. Detroit and Green Bay in all three teams. I flew out to all three teams. I flunked their physicals. Because I had swelling in my knee right right so so think about this within five days I was rejected by four. NFL teams. Yeah Aso so think about your worst week that that's kind of weak. It was for me and so I go back home. I continue to Rehab workout in the cowboys. Call me and I signed with the cowboys. Jimmy Johnson puts me on the practice squad he says. Hey we're just gonNa get you healthy and when you're ready you're going to play Celaya. Salaya practiced the entire year. I never get in a game when the season's over Jimmy says I don't think you're just you're going to build a play in the NFL so we're not bringing you back. There's another setback in and rejection. So but I didn't flinch because I knew that if I got my knee right I could make it and and so I went back to work really putting in the work I said because now I'm going into year three. This is my last shot in so I have a couple of teams leaves after me and Marty called and as I looked at the Kansas City teasers two things that stood out one marty was there right and I felt he was going to give me the most fairest opportunity and the other thing was the to slack speed. Yes you right great receivers but they didn't have speed. I thought here's something I could bring to the team. And so signed with the chiefs that off season how great you know mini camp and I'll season training camp and I got cut in our. Our people don't know that Marty did cut me a Mardi said to stay put. I'm getting you on this team. And about two weeks he cut. I think it was Pete Manly and then he activated me and the rest is history. Wow that's awesome and I'll tell you obviously you know how dear dear Marty Schottenheimer is the Kansas City and probably your life as well but it's just it's interesting arresting to hear from a Fan perspective because I'm ultimately a fan of the chiefs number one. I tell everybody I'm a fan number one but just to hear you say yeah. Yeah you know Marty called me and I'm going to get you on the team and did this and did that just to hear your personal perspective fans love that and they need that End this is. This is a breath of fresh air to me and a lot of people just to hear your personal story of this go ahead. Let me tell you something else. Here's something very personal. So that second week I had not been signed yet and I started getting a couple apple calls from teams and I promised Mario was gonna wait two weeks and my wife was like three months pregnant and we already had any money because I basically if we use the money from the year before I didn't make a lot of money in the first couple of years so I can remember rich having to moderate at sixty dollars in my account count. You paid all our bills and I remember calling Marty and said Marty. Hey I gotta get on the team. I've no money my wife was pregnant and Marty goes does. Okay come to my office. So I go to Arrowhead to see Mardi Mardi pulls out his wallet in gives me two hundred dollars and he says the.

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