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Sirius xm for lunch what's become interview and in in in in very good monday race fans serious to nineteen xm two oh one sports on i sixty four you're listening to sirius xm online at our website tuesday beck dot com and i was looking forward to this week a that was that is a are last of the first half of the year so typically a usually around july fourth we take off and i'm looking forward to the week were gonna be in boston for suffolk for the last weekend of suffolk last racing at suffolk downs saturday and sunday they were gonna broadcasts from suffolk on friday but i we're looking forward to today a quite a bit because a teen and i were in central new york friday saturday sunday and her son my stepson zachary marrying his fiancee andrea gorgeous and delightful is perfect we finally got nice days of of whether that made it that much that much nicer and i obviously couldn't help but but be aware of what what's transpiring yet again a another wrinkle a had another calamity that brings the curtain down on the most tortured and horrific and miserable season at any racetrack ever a there is a great one race at monmouth will talk to jimmy toner in about twenty minutes and jimmy winning you ended is a wonderful a wonderful story and delighted for him to win a race like this there was the half a million dollar ohio derby there there's all all kinds of nice results in an interesting performances did discuss and and will will discuss them a bite b actions and reaction on saturday a to american currency being banned often in euthanized a saturday off the training track not off the main track at santa anita and santa nita management there expelling of jerry odor from the grounds giving him seventy two hours to leave and not just there but at golden gate to a where for decades a un institution that they meadows and and golden gate in that the fares northern cal racing in over the last fifteen years plus a more and more on these southern california's circuit and nationally a trainer champions and i know one need senate gop should the jerry hall would refer a by the way in which santa anita hill so consistently a during this period a has worked to deflect attention and shift the blame from their part in anything and everything that happened involving a the horses that perished over the last six months jeremy hunt or effort has lost four and one came early on in december and then one in february then most recently the two here in the last two weeks one training in one race go cheese and in american currents jerry however has a hundred horses in training a he's made almost four hundred starts just three hundred and something starts three sixty i think a three seventy mostly at golden gate at santa anita he's got a handful of upstarts out of town a real ran it at oaklawn a couple of times at pimlico and ran one at belmont the other day in a couple of aqueduct dreamy shiver me timbers i know ran in the grand and so forth so few sake horses out of town but he's got a hundred horses and training and over the course of six months hundred horses i dunno let let let's say they average to eighty yeah to works that's well below to work spur horse six months right two hundred twelve hundred training training circumstances stances and another three hundred and seventy starts december i didn't i didn't add up the december twenty six to december thirty first starts but i mean basically a holiday offers that doubt probably fifteen hundred let's call it fifteen hundred horses in training and in racing sing in six months and.

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