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This is talk on that news. Bit of confidence Thing am i going to get the traction confidence is a big thing. When you're adding and doing well built an belton with the part of that was out here. That time fell lay. Kind of really embraced me. Brought me out and sort of brought to the network. He then took off. But there are amendments that everyone's careers whether it's now i remember the financial capacity thousand seven eight where we were. Just sit around wondering days. There's nothing worse than a lawyer amnon to be building ours. Sales have been confidences is huge and i work myself. Seem very closely here and i had a One of my sales guys called me. I think it was in today I get upset early now. I don't know sometimes which day it is but He called and said hey i was just talking to a potential client law firm and they They need their website Translated in other languages. And you know. They asked if we could do that. He's like i just said yeah we can do that a problem and then he called me after and said can we do that. We can do that. But i think the good answer. Just yes not a problem. We can do that. We'll figured out for you and But he didn't have an answer of auto know so he took a rest but Yeah so we can do but confidence you have to have confidence if you don't gonna show through real quickly Yeah yeah advising and otherwise say and ultimately you've got to enjoy and you've got to be having fun because it's how do i say you're having a having a team where all the older the output in like sometimes painful. At the end of the day. I still enjoy my job. That's i'm lucky to say on a nice on people time but it's lucky to do it. And say congratulations on that. Because some people don't they do or they have some ideas of doing something nelson stuck with a are but yeah i wake up ready to go every morning and run around on the weekends because i can't sit down but So good for you that you enjoy that. Which helps you got for today. Uncertain incentives in in a week's time. I be up in the mountains for the weekend. So it's all our next week knowing friday evening company. Copper there at one. Am but saturday morning..

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