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Media camelia bowl middle tennessee arkansas state is our state is an interesting proposition it is not far from me so i am aware of what they do on a regular basis the line looks like it's three and a half right now um i actually ever the bureau by gators it has actually been there for a while that a debt school you know they had hugh freeze and then he leaves for ole miss and then they have gusmao psalm any lease for auburn and then they had a brian horsing right and he left for boise state at least play gainers has been there for a couple of years right they were losing coaches every year therefore uh i think it was like two thousand ten through thirteen um a guy would come their coat for a year and then he would get an awesome job begins been there for a while and his obviously done a good job this was a i think oh a bit fair to say a very disappointing year for middle tennessee i think people thought with the receiver with the coach with the coach's son being the quarterback that that would be that this could be a really good year for them but the coach's son the quarterback got hurt uh early in the year things were meant to be uh so they did not have probably the season that that most people expected them to but i still think they would have a chance of being a pretty damn good i was a rick stockstill plan um and you know he's got this deal now where the last couple of years they uh they're in the bahamas and then they were in hawaii some none of their fans could really go and so keep went and bought stock still did ten thousand dollars worth of tickets to get eh gave him away so people would go to montgomery uh for this game four this game um and they're going to try to end therefore fourgame losing streak and ballgames i'm gonna take middle tennessee because i thought that they were they were going to be good at the beginning of the year now you got a month off before the season.

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