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And we'll probably talk about that somewhat. With John Thomas matter of fact, let's do it. It's time for John Thomas Thomas guide. I the Thomas guide, which is all social media and his podcast. Yeah. No. It's quite alright. And you've got a fair number of listeners. Now, you're cash, which is pretty impressive. Okay. Now. I'm trying to think of what we start with. Let's talk about the political fallout. If there is any about William Barr yesterday, we talked about how bar either lied or didn't lie and gently both sides have an argument that when bar was asked. Did you have did you at all contact anybody on Moore's team or Jeb contact? He said, no I came back with. Well. I only talked to molar not anybody on his team, right? Yeah. I was a good one. But the interpretation can be had. I mean, the the contempt. I mean, all all that's going to go away. Let's talk about the political fallout of what's going on between the war Democrats and the president. So this is a sensually being used as the next evolution into channeling Democrats rage against Trump. And that they did never scalp from the moola report that they were hoping for to immediately go to impeachment hearings. So they're they're now using bar as that next level way to harness rage. And remember, it's not just well, let's back it up. I don't think that the Democrats like Pelosi believe necessarily that they're going to move public opinion on this issue. I think they're smart enough to recognize that it's almost too inside baseball that the Muller gave his findings the reports out. You can kick and scream all you want. But the presence not a Russian can't make that argument. That four page letter. I mean, that's just gonna disappear any are we going to be talking about that even a week from now, maybe maybe not. But what this really is all about is keeping democrat base in Tuesday's some high. So that they keep they turn out, and they keep giving money to the Democratic Party. It's all about small donor dollars. That's it and then insert certain presidential candidates think that they can use this to their advantage to carve out a lane or get notoriety. But other Republican side Bill, I mean. The more attack. The better off. It is Republicans are like, okay. We already knew the guy we assumed he wasn't a Russian agent. We're no he's not a Russian agent. Now, we feel like you're parsing words. And now, he's a real genuine victim. Meanwhile, what's the big story today? So jobs who does better as a result of the victimization or end or the attack on Trump? Is it the Democrats as you described it gets their base moving because they hate Trump so much is at the Republicans because Trump is victim who who wins on that one. You know, there's not an exact answer to that. The best way I could approach it would be. Trump derangement syndrome is real the outrage has been pretty consistent on the left. I don't anticipate that that will subside, but Republicans in fact didn't turn out in presidential levels in the midterms. So the Republicans have greater risk of not showing up because they assume well things things have gone fine for me. And so this is an opportunity for Trump to paint. The contrast and say, hey, these people have lost their mind. I'm the victim. And it don't let them take me out of power. So I think it's a net positive for Trump. And also he can raise money on to saying, hey, I'm victim helped me fight back. I did a story this morning on Trump saying one thing it is administration saying toll is totally differently. We're talking about the border where the people that are dealing with the border, the actual operational part are only discussing the humanitarian part of it. How do we deal with these poor people we have to get them? Fed we have to center, and then Trump just talks about they're a bunch of. It's an invasion. They're taking over America. There are threat. They're all feves. They're all gaming the system. We're there is such a disconnect. I look at it. Does that bother anybody in the in the White House? Well, obviously in the White House. I mean, I don't even know what the who says what to whoever there's such a disconnect just from a organizational standpoint, it's a huge problem. You need to have message discipline from the top to the bottom. This is nothing new the president is one thing. But you're right. There is a disparity between certain cabinet officials in with and the president. And what's actually going on though? The president says one thing, and what's actually happening is something totally differently that you'll say a and then the administration does be the operational people. And I'm looking at this. And I'm shaking my head going. You know, at what point does this president say, it's raining outside and everybody. In the administration has an umbrella or is wearing sunblock. I mean, that's what's going on here. I think I think you're focusing on the tactical minutia, which is important. I'm not saying, that's you're wrong. But I think the president simply focuses on surface level and says there's a problem at the border. We've gotta fix it. And pick your poison is he? Perhaps is he wrong at many times of logistics absolute about that. I'm just talking about a whole different mindset. These people that are coming to the border are gamers dangerous. They're criminals. I mean, that's that's the official Donald Trump position where the administration the people going is humanitarian these poor people we have to take care of them. I mean, that's I don't know that that's one hundred percent. What folks on the border are saying, I mean, you you you hear from border agents all the time talking about the violence in the drug trafficking. I'm getting into the Benicia here, which I think to the point though is what's the effect of the president pay a consequence for having that different voice? And I don't think so I think he's just member he has the loudest megaphones in the country for sure, and and there's the base that he's talking to. And he's brilliant at that. I mean, although the Wallis sorta disappeared if you notice that it's going to I mean, I imagine this things have come back as a court battle ensues. It's going to be top of mind as we go into twenty twenty. But but Bill again, the big story today. It's certainly fair to argue about all these things. But the big story today are the jobs numbers over the jobs numbers are affecting people in those critical states that are gonna decide this election, except in what I said, and I don't have the facts in front of me, the people that are most affected the ones that are getting the least benefit is probably his base. And I don't know the answer to that you're saying because magic manufacturing jobs jobs are coming. But not they're hill. Not here. They're not here and the blue collar other than the highly skilled blue collar workers still I think are not getting the benefit of this Trump economy per perhaps not in the same ways the top. But I mean, look if you look at African American unemployment is at record lows. I mean, you can't have overall unemployment the lowest point in what forty fifty years or whatever seventy years and not have everybody better off in general. I am not arguing that. But better off as as well as the other, folks. And by the way does. No matter how well African Americans. Do are they ever gonna vote for Trump? Brought by large know, exactly. All right. Come back. I wanted and I want to talk about the of course, the primary race and the number that's raised. And I have I have a question for you regarding the number of people does it matter. And I'm I'm thinking, no, it really doesn't. And I'll explain that. And your chance to win some cash this KFI,.

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