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You can walk around the neighborhoods of kent washington. That's south seattle and here a lot. The different languages mandarin and vietnamese korean span is leon. Richardson is with the county health department. He says they thought about the diversity in the area when they opened a mass vaccination site at a local hockey arena. This month we really had to leverage our staff on site that's bilingual which is just an addictive of all the different cultures and populations that were were reaching. The county chose this site specifically to reach those at highest risk of covid nineteen and people who might have a hard time getting vaccine through what they call traditional healthcare systems. They're trying to change the story about who has access to a vaccine data from this area. Show that overall communities of color are getting vaccinated at lower rates than whites as for how that compares to nationwide data turns out. We don't really know if we could at least six gifted data that gives us a starting point. Dr joy crear perry is with a group called the we must count coalition which is pushing for states and the federal government to collect more data on race and ethnicity for vaccine rollouts the cdc race or ethnicity data for about half of americans who've been vaccinated. What does exist show. Black and latino people are way underrepresented moving around line trying to make decisions around where to send vaccine without having information. That's what kills communities who were net centered. Consider this. we may not know everything about who's being vaccinated but we know a lot about where vaccination sites are and a new npr analysis of those sites reveals stark differences. Who has easy access to a shot. And who doesn't from npr. I'm audie cornish. it's monday february eighth. This message comes from. Npr sponsor searchlight pictures presenting nomad land. Frances mcdormand stars as van dwelling modern day nomads embarking on a journey through the vast landscape of the american west in theaters across the us and streaming on hulu february nineteen. This message comes from npr sponsor. Worby partner glasses started ninety five dollars including prescription lenses sunglasses. Progressives and blue light lenses are also available. Try five pairs of glasses at home for free at worby. Parker dot com slash. Consider this my name. Is peter segal and i'm here to interrupt your very serious beer gas to tell you about another. Npr podcast mainly mind. We don't tell me chances. Are that right now. You're enjoying an earnest serious treatment of some serious topic in the news or perhaps history science. That's great really well. That's not what we do because people cannot live on sirius alone. Listen now the wait wait. Don't tell me podcast from npr. It's considered this from. Npr getting vaccine doses to people who need them. The most requires a lot of trust. I am the son of farm workers that grew up in the community. And i have a spent a lot of time out in the fields working as a physician public health promoter i may messenger that That they trust parents. That's congressman raul. Ruiz of california spoke to npr. Recently we also need the local physicians and we need the priests and pastors and faith based leaders to go out and to communicate. This release is chair of the congressional hispanic caucus that group has been urging state leaders to prioritize food and agriculture workers for vaccination latinos make up more than a third of the workforce in those industries but nearly three quarters of confirmed corona virus cases re said the people in his district need more vaccine doses and more access but he's also worried about misinformation. The here that the vaccine is gonna make them sit with kovic their concerns about the cost. Some of the documentaries are concerned about whether or not they need to register and put their name somewhere and so the important part is that the messenger has to be someone who's trusted working with trusted. Messengers is what they're doing at that kings county health department in seattle. Were some aid. Groups were given early access to sign up for the mass vaccination site that would definitely be an example of what worked more of that would be great. Janice gucci is the executive director of neighborhood. House they work with low income seniors in the seattle area she says vaccine doses should go directly to primary care doctors non white communities and the state needs a centralized waiting list before we go to the next round which is going to be of a mad dash at we ensured at there is equity and those vulnerable populations have access and across the board. Is you know. Equity is foundational to everything we do white house. Cova coleman eter jeff zion's in a call with reporters this month laid out the biden administration's plans to get more vaccines to heart communities. Armagh this week they'll begin to deliver more doses to local pharmacies especially ones that serve nonwhite communities and hard to reach areas the administration is also rolling out mobile vaccine units with that same goal and working to stand up more mass vaccination sites in arenas and stadiums with help from the national guard. We're doing all we possibly can with the.

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