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The senior bowl. And honestly, there's a lot of guys here that I I've shocked aren't in mobile in next week. And who knows maybe they still get called up. We're gonna get a handful of those guys as well that get the late edition to the senior bowl next week. But no there is a lot of talent here. But I would say for sure that I mean probably more than half of these guys will be in training camp next year, but won't make the final cut and final fifty three. But you're also going to get a good to your that. Are that are drafted in the first three or four rounds? Let's get to them by position friend and just looking at the list. One of the things that stands out to me is just hell hornet is to make the NFL as a quarterback because you look at the shrine. And game mean, none of these guys are really I think credit me if I'm wrong considered top ten quarterbacks for this draft, which means most of them probably all of them won't get drafted. Which means they really got an uphill battle to ever make an NFL roster yet, you know, these are like household names Taylor Cornelius from Oklahoma state, Jordan, Tom O from ole miss, David. How you say that the Purdue quarterbacks last name, I believe is David Blau. Yeah. That's what I thought. Blau the west you've got eastern stick from North Dakota state. I've actually seen him play. Brit Rippin from Boise state. Yes. That name should sound familiar and Marcus mccarey on from Fresno state. So what what do you think of the quarterback? You just watched one day a practice. So far, right. Correct. Yeah. Both teams had their first practice yesterday on Monday. So I got down here around. I think we landed in eleven the first practice started a one fifty so was ailing. Get over both all the practices. This year are over at the Trump are at Tropicana stadium where Tampa Bay plays, you know, further their baseball team. But to me a quarterback standpoint. I mean, the guys that stand out to me are eastern stick. What to me? I mean, I really like eastern stick. I know that there's there's been a lot of chatter on Twitter about wisely mobile, and, you know, Jim Nagy, who's the executive director of the senior bowl is kind of, you know, come to the defense that look I felt teams just you know, they they don't see what you guys see. They didn't want us to stick their over any of the names that are already going. I happen to disagree with that. I think Houston stick is one of the better quarterbacks in this class. I'm not saying that he's a first or second round talent. I'm not saying that he's a future high end starter. But I look at backup quarterbacks around the NFL. And I think why can't eastern stick be one of those guys. I mean, he's he really checks a lot of the boxes the only box. He doesn't really check from a physical standpoint is that his arm just isn't quite there. And that's really the thing that's going to hold him back. I could probably say the same about Brett Rippin from Boise state. I like a lot of what this could puts on film. He's a smart player. Good touch. Good accuracy. Both these guys know how to work from under center coming from pro-style offenses. I like both guys a lot and they neither of them really stood out yesterday. And that's usually what you see early on in all star game weeks. Ross's, you know, these guys are working with receivers for the first time. So timing might be off as guys just get adjusted. Both of them had some bad misses yesterday. But I'm not gonna hold that against it. Either of these guys I I'm a big fan of both east and stick and Brett rip and the other guy that really stands out to me and a guy that I watched over the weekend for the first time is Cornelius from Oklahoma state..

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