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Among those approved our Austin Chamber of Commerce Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council, Greater Chatham Initiative, Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce. And more governor. Pritzker says there's no plans to cut the enhanced unemployment benefits for Illinois still out of work. The reality is there are many people who have Children at home that they still need to take care of, because of the circumstances of the pandemic, their circumstances as well where people are afraid to go back to work, and they're staying out of the workforce on those air, legitimate reasons that people might remain on unemployment. Several states are ending the $300 per month benefits. Opponents to the enhanced benefits package say provides an incentive for the unemployed not to find new work. WGN SPORTS Here's Kevin Powell last night The White Sox were leading 15 to 4 in the ninth inning. Their game against the Twins at Target Field. Your main Mercedes, owner of the highest batting average in baseball, stepped to the plate the Twins had sent to position player to the bone in Williams, a studio Account got 23. Oh, Mercedes didn't take it. Belt is take and belted his six homer of the year and that received some criticism. With the game already a blowout, including for manager Tony LaRussa, he says that Mercedes will face consequences for missing the take sign. He was yelling from the dugout to take the fourth pitch, but we'll see how that plays out the White Sox taking on the Twins again in Minnesota. It'll be Lance Lynn on the mountain Cubs welcoming Jon Lester and Kyle Schwarber to Wrigley last night. The Cubs winning that, yes, Syria's opener Zach Davies on the hill in Game two in the NBA. The play in tournament begins tonight's It'll be 1/10, seeded Charlotte against Indiana Celtics and Wizards made in the 78 matchup. Three games in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Penguin's taking on the island Islanders Lightning against the Panthers. The Golden Knights hosting the while. I'm Kevin.

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