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Menu. Rice soy sauce. Peas and carrots and dinner rolls. Okay. And this is the Chinatown Chinatown bag fit goes to Chinatown and then also for our community right here. This in line George country is director of glides free meals program. He says people would sell the frozen Turkey for five dollars or leave them on the sidewalk because in an SRO hotel. They may not have an oven Liaoning consideration that they can't cook a Turkey a hot played or you know. What they may have in their unit. Twenty three hundred full Turkey meal bags with cranberry, stuffing gravy are being delivered to the baby. Oceanside and other San Francisco neighborhoods in San Francisco. Holy kwan. KCBS KCBS news time one oh six and new official figures put the insured losses from this year's camp. Wolsey and hill fires at over nine billion dollars. KCBS reporter Keith men Coney says the figures arrive as the insurance industry adapts to the new normal of California's devastating year round fires going to Wednesday press conference, California insurance Commissioner Dave Jones ticked through the grim numbers that size up the damage, but he says that behind the numbers are real people that have suffered real tragedies people that have lost their homes lost all their belongings lost their jobs in some cases, lost their lives. Be insured losses from October and December of last year actually, rose even higher to twelve billion dollars. But Jones says the discrepancy has to do with the average prices of. Of homes and affected areas. And that this year's campfire was indeed the most.

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