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I just wanna comment comment that you're always been my favorite sports commentators. I mean, you do your homework, and it's no BS when when you're involved, regardless who calls, that's all I wanna say as far as that goes. Thank you. And but I want to get to that Justin Tucker thing. I was I was at the game. I believe me. I don't believe in the supernatural and extraterrestrials and all that stuff was do you believe in jinx's? I don't know what I believe in. Now, I watch that thing and believe me win had gone to nothing at when he kicked out. There was no wind going the thing when he took off if you you know, you watched it was perfectly straight. Then all of a sudden it was like somebody cut it with a knife. And just charted to the side. I it was just unbelievable. I mean, I can see wise for balls. Now. I think I think if someone took a picture of me and my house later on that evening my house. My eyes were still politics stadium. I mean, it was it was it was just something. I just couldn't fathom. I mean, even he said everything he did was appropriate. And right. That he's done all these years and has the perfect record a even from high school. He's never missed. So I'm now a believer in Budo. And I I hope nobody has any Niagara semi come on. It wasn't voodoo. I thought he said after the game that he just pushed it a little bit that it just any basically, it was the spin. It was the spin on the ball that caused it to to curb off that way if he takes another two hundred and twenty of them, I would expect that he would make another two hundred twenty. And so it just it happens. Right. It's the it's the probability that the odds. No one's perfect forever. Not even Justin Tucker, and he was do you could say to to miss one. But yeah, the miss it like that as in the middle of tweet about how the they had just tied the game, assuming that's what happens when you. But. Yeah, I mean, it's it's still a very rare occurrence, and it probably won't happen again for a couple more seasons if it ever does. But yeah, just crazy when it came at an appropriate. It's time. Well, certainly for the ravens did. Well, we're not gonna to toss. He's wanted to favor. One of our favorite ravens keep him. Obviously. He's won more games than he is ever lost or done damage in. He is a gem for the ravens, and they are lucky to have him. Oh my gosh. There's nobody. There was no kicker in the in the league back in touch him. So, you know, maybe this maybe this is something to get him off his back. You know when you perfect all the time. Maybe when you do lose one it's a little bit of relief who knows? No, I don't think he's feeling relief. Now. At least Cincinnati laws. All right. It makes you feel better. All right. Ryan, thanks so much for your phone. Call right. Take care. Eight five five two one two four to seven. Let's talk to dean who's in Grand Rapids. Michigan. Dean, welcome to after hours. Kgo eight show as always. Thank you. Eagles have to be the ugly for me because they gave up twenty one points in the fourth quarter at home, right? It's just really shocking. Super Bowl chance. I I just couldn't believe that that actually happened. I mean, no Carolina's a good team. All of us. But you get old you have a seventeen point lead right to start that quarter. Carson Wentz said he couldn't really explain it just that they had taken their foot off the gas, which obviously happens again, human nature is that when you're that far ahead. You may be don't keep the killer instinct and Cam Newton in the end the Panthers offense gets all the credit. They were rushing the ball. He looked like he settled into a groove. But so did Carson Wentz? I mean, he looked so comfortable most of the game. And then for them to just in the fourth quarter. They had what the to really short drives it ended in punt that was a three and out. And then the fumble. I mean, it just yeah. It was it was gross. I'll give you that. Yeah. The only good thing for all the teams in that division is that it doesn't look like anybody's running away with it. So no not yet. That's pretty typical of the NFC east. Isn't it? All right. Thanks for listening in Grand Rapids had a great Monday a manic Monday, Monday full of mayhem. We offer therapy here on the show and many people have taken advantage of this free opportunity over the course of the last three and a half hours. Eight five five two one two four two two seven eight hundred bogus is here in studio. Andrew bogusch. Do you want to contribute some good bad ugly from week seven ugly hasn't happened yet because the giants played tonight? So I'm still sitting on my pain is still to come. I would think this evening down in Atlanta. Yeah. But how about those Jaguars? I mean, we're my goodness fallen apart at the seams. Blake Bortles is worse than what we thought. Blake Bortles zephyr was all of a sudden I mean, this is just a disaster going after each other in the locker room now listed to SAS. It is I'm yeah. The defense has got to be frustrated because they can only do so much and for Bortles to get bench for Cody Kessler, which obviously wasn't. Better. But we're on says I can't bench all eleven because he wouldn't have guys to put out there. So I had to somebody and it turned out to be the quarterback. Yeah. I don't I don't know what they gave him a contract. And so I don't know that it's it's not all Bortles fault. It hurts that they don't have a run game. But man, they're a mess. I'll give you that any good. There's gotta be some good somewhere. Andrew infuse some good into our show. Please achieves continue to be super impressive and the Texans. I was confused by their start. So through reel off four straight wins. They haven't always been pretty and dominant. And I still have nightly prayers for Shawn Watson health barely twelve hour bus rides. He can't fly because as long as punctured. But I mean, that's that's a heck of that's a nice win. I mean, it's important when you face a team like the Jaguars were falling apart to keep them falling apart. Don't let them get healthy against you. What they did yesterday their defense or special teams have been really good and Watson is meant. He's tough. As you say he wrote twelve hours on a bus instead of flying because the doctors weren't comfortable with him being in an airplane. Yeah. I don't see the initial shoddy plead with a collapsed lung, I didn't think you could be on your feet with a collapsed lung without serious. Call nine one one you need to go to the emergency room thing. So I mean more power to help him soon before re inflate the long, please. How about you block forum? Ho my gosh seriously. He's taken such a pounding. I would say the ugly was the rookie quarterbacks in week seven even Josh Allen who's out, but the other three just blew rookies. Give it then rookies take the way. That's what they do. That is what they do. All right. Eight five five two one two four two two seven. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Here's our latest sports update. And here's Andrew. Sports flash. Amy good morning..

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