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O three 7 one against the dollar the N one 29.28 and yes still watching Bitcoin It is up more than 7% at $30,600 now Elon Musk causing chaos over his takeover bid for a Twitter first claiming his bid was on temporarily temporary hold and then maintaining he is still committed to the deal sending the social media giant into a tail spin shares are currently down about 11% right now That's a Bloomberg business flash Tom and Paul Karen thanks so much Paul sweetie and Tom keen in New York and we welcome all of you across this nation around the world in a particular welcome to those in the Middle East Joining us now is someone who is a sister so much on an understanding and my travels to Dubai of the greater Middle East in particularly the Persian Gulf Christopher Davidson is the scholar on UAE on Dubai and Abu Dhabi and of course is important to work from sheiks to sultanism statecraft and authority in Saudi Arabia and the UAE with the Henry Jackson society as an associate fellow Professor Davison thank you so so much for joining us here on the death of the leader of oil rich Abu Dhabi Shik Khalifa explained the importance of his passing today Well many thanks Tom and Paul for having me today Yes this is a very important day in many senses It's business as usual given that Shakespeare's younger half brother Muhammad bin Zayed The Crown prince of Abu Dhabi will fairly soon succeed in as ruler of Abu Dhabi but there are two important dynamic side by side here Of course is the oil rich the wealthiest of the 7.

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