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Rockies time six sixteen right now on Colorado's morning news Ron tearing out missile strikes against two bases in Iraq with the US military station calling it an act of revenge for killing one of their top generals NBC's Christopher live C. is following the developments from Beirut there have been some reports of Iraqi casualties but so far no American casualties to speak of either at the airfield base in northern Iraq or at the al Asad air base in Anbar province the Pentagon confirming that more than a dozen ballistic missiles were launched from inside or on a Tuesday it comes just days after the US launching that air strike to kill because some stolen money raise tensions between the US and Iran has global markets worrying about oil supplies among other things investors are concerned about the strait of Hormuz is a narrow waterway linking the Persian Gulf in the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean retired army general Barry McCaffrey says there are several reasons the U. S. wouldn't want to end up in a battle over that straight it's almost impossible to defend it unless you go actively with offensive operations against the Iranian air defense system against our missiles the I. R. G. C. at a bunch of small submarines the choke point sees an average of twenty one million barrels of oil pass through every day around a fifth of global petroleum consumption the street was already in the spotlight last year when several oil tankers were attacked there a mystery story even now more mysterious the Air Force says that the drone sightings over northern Colorado are not part of a program that's being run out of FE Warren airforce base in Wyoming twenty four companies and government organizations have also denied any connection to the drones including Amazon Google and the U. S. Geological Survey a task force is being formed to try to determine who is using the drones and for what purpose police are looking for a woman charged in a crash that cost a local musician his leg terrace Studer failed to appear in a Colorado springs court room on Tuesday and a warrant was issued for her arrest scooters accused of driving under the influence and vehicular assault for crash that happened over the summer musician Mike Elmore lost part of his right leg and suffered other severe injuries tutor is facing other charges former state Republican Party chair Steve houses picking up a key endorsement in his bid for a seat in the U. S. house he's getting the backing of current Colorado fifth district congressman Doug land born houses attempting to unseat current congressman chasing crow in Colorado six congressional district in this year's election White House adviser of aka trump says her father's administration has worked to create programs to retrain US workers and get people in the work force she spoke Tuesday at CVS in Vegas along aside Gary Shapiro the CEO of the group that puts on the annual Consumer Electronics Show case CNN editor in chief Connie googly Alamo says it was somewhat controversial to have her speak so.

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