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Donald was disinvited from NBC's the tonight show this week for comments that he made defending fellow comedians. Louis c. k. and Roseanne Barr who have been in trouble for sexual misconduct and racist comments in the past McDonald then tried to apologize for those comments that he made, but then just made it worse here. He is on Howard Stern's radio show trying to explain his sympathy for victims of sexual misconduct. You'd have to be, you'd have to have down syndrome not to know that my new we're down in Rutland down center tonight. Feel sorry for, you know, of course, I, I, I have. Me too is what you want for your daughter's Eric. That's pretty awkward. What happened next? Yeah. So norm MacDonald went on the view and try to explain that he was trying to avoid using a different word. I think the word he was trying to avoid using was the our word that we use to refer to mentally incapacitated people, and so in trying to avoid using that where he used another word, you know, alternately, I think nor McDonald's appeal as a comic has always been that he's been somewhat unfiltered and he's also kind of an old school comic. He's older and he enjoys leaning into that. And so I feel like he like a lot of comics. Have older comics have not figured out how to talk about some issues in the modern age without being insulting and and what's interesting to me about Netflix because Netflix is trying to have all these different kinds of comics on its platform. We are really seeing. This sort of friction between how younger comics talk about race, identity, gender, things like that, and how older comics are dealing with it. So we've got norm Donald, not on his show, but in other venues, saying things that people don't appreciate about these very sensitive topics regardless of how you feel about it, nor MacDonald has a show it's out. And he's the guy who got famous for weekend update on on Saturday Night Live. He's a free Wheeler. He's deadpan. How does the style that you're describing here translate to the interviews on this new program? Well, it makes the show kind of a hit and miss proposition, but he got the show in part because they Letterman may have recommended him or talked about him or was involved in some way. He's predators the location scout on the show, not quite sure what that means. But then when Letterman came on the show norm was trying so hard to make him laugh with sort of eccentric jokes, that it felt really weird and it wasn't that funny. So we have a clip of norm trying to do this offbeat impression of an actor from film called the candidate while Letterman is trying to figure out what exactly is he doing?.

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