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Or anything else? No. All right. So let's switch to smackdown. We opened with Stephanie McMahon. Shane McMahon in the ring. Daniel Bryan sitting on a leather chair which deafening kindly pointed out, which was actually a pretty funny moment. And and then right as Kofi is about to sign the contract, Vince McMahon's music played. And I'm I'm not kidding. I yelled at the TV Kofi sign. It's sign it don't turn around, but he's stopped signing turnaround. You'll regret that maybe the rest of his life. And we get the I doubt that one. You don't think so you don't think he'd want because if he signed the contract the Manchester happen one? Well, that's true. But I mean, I my my guess here. And again, you know, so I don't see these things very through very well with Batista and triple h, but my expectation is Kobe is in fact going to get his title shot at some point in the near future. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. So nevertheless, we get physics man kind of doing a bit of a parallel construction on what he did show in Becky and putting some chosen one in to take the spot for the sake of box office. What would you think of this this this swerve on the road through Kofi mania? Yeah. I mean, it's been it's been a we've talked about how it's been a we arrest mating season. And this was another weird little weird little switch. I think I think the audible that. And I certainly I'm assuming this is an audible on that Vince called here is on balance a good idea. You know, it feels to me like Vince, you know, the adventures decided to switch Owens and Kofi spots because of because of how Kofi is getting over. So Owens goes from wrestling for the title at mania wrestling Ford at Faslane Kofi goes from messing for the tunnel. Signed wrestling for the title at at mania, and yeah, Kofi is connected. Well with the crowd, I think people are into that. I think people want more of that right now, regardless of how you pay it off in the end, and I think going strong or that right now is is the right move plus from a booking standpoint Owens was going back at Pugh is in a tough spot. Because I don't think they'd wanna put the title on a minister speak. Matched back, but challenging Bryant mania and coming up short would hurt him, particularly given you know, this is this is first program is a baby face beat. So here they can work on a finish that builds into mania, you know, and then it doesn't feel like a newly turn baby face. Owens is failing in its first big match on the flip side in terms of like the pros and cons of what they did. The the downside is I don't think it's great for owns character. If he's coming back because baby face stealing this non earn title shot from Kofi..

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