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Eight twenty NPR news and the New York conversation. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly. Forecasters are warning hurricane Michael will likely cause catastrophic damage in the Florida, panhandle. It's now a category. Four storm in the Gulf of Mexico about one hundred miles southwest of Appalachia coal top sustained winds are one hundred forty miles per hour. Michael is expected to make landfall this afternoon. In one county sheriff's deputies have been going door to door urging coastal residents to evacuate coordin- policy with Gulf power says with widespread power outages expected cruiser heading to Florida from more than a dozen states as far away as Michigan Illinois, Ohio and as far west as Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas. A storm surge up to thirteen feet is forecast. Indonesia's disaster agency is appealing to other countries for more tents and generators twelve days after a strong earthquake and sue NAMI killed more than two. Thousand people thousands are living in shelters. Turkish media are publishing the names and images of fifteen Saudis who arrived in Istanbul the day journalist, Jamal kashogi disappeared. Here's NPR's Peter Kenyon. Turkish media identified the fifteen Saudis who arrived the day. Kashogi went missing calling them. An assassination squad footage of a black van leaving the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. After kashogi arrival also aired on Turkish TV Saudi officials deny any involvement in kashogi disappearance, and if invited Turkish authorities to search the consulate. This is WNYC in New York. I'm Richard Hake. Good morning. New york. City officials say they're bringing more resources to juvenile detention center in the Bronx after teenagers remove their from Rikers island last week correction. Officers say they were injured in several fights that broke out speaking on the Brian Lehrer show, New York Times reporter Nikita Stewart said the city's working to de-escalate tensions before they flare up. The city has said that it is in the process of adding more juvenile counselors, creating a different kind of school structure, particularly so that there's limited movement of the juvenile's from class to class some elected officials have called for closing a facility following these fights the city move the teams out of Rikers because the states no longer charging most sixteen and seventeen year olds as a Dulce and incumbent state Senator and his challenger met on stage last night in front of a rowdy crowd of south Brooklyn constituents Martin, golden Brooklyn's loan Republican Senator tried to paint his opponent democrat, Andrew. Narrates Canard is rather as soft on crime and eager to raise taxes. Stamp for the governor. Familia defazio we need somebody. Somebody's gonna.

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