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Writer, and people can't stop listening. It's writer than you with Bill writer. Welcome back into the show. Yeah, Kings, Arizona Very appropriate, says I'm fit sitting in Phoenix. Phoenix is fun. Get me wrong. I don't complain about the what I'm complaining. I'm just telling you, it's 100 11 degrees outside or will be in about an hour or two Great city, though. Having a great time Save of the week is brought you by credit Karma. How about Andrei Vasilevskiy of the Tampa Bay Lightning? He recorded his fifth shot out of the postseason last night as the Lightning defeated the Canadians, one in Game five and won their second straight Stanley Cup. Vasilevskiy was awarded the Con Smith drove before his efforts. Congratulations, Champ Obey. It's a great name. Savor the week was brought to buy credit karma, go to creditkarma dot com slash win money to sign up for free and start winning instant karma. That's creditkarma dot com slash win Money. Greg Moore was great. First time we've had him on the show. I've known Greg Man longer than I care to admit, 15 years pumping like that we both worked at the Cannes City Star. Does an awesome job. As a sports columnist here in Phoenix for the Arizona Republic and really appreciated the inside. Maybe we'll do the same thing next week for from Milwaukee. Get someone on from Milwaukee who can give us I like that perspective and the joy and the insight and the hope. That comes with a local perspective, the local view On these teams that are that are so close to the top of the mountain right there, just and he's right. Don't I think the sons are going to win, But again? I've said this all week. You don't know. I thought the Warriors I was convinced the warriors We're going to close out the Cavs in 2016. I get to go home early. See my family. It did not go that way. These things can change. These things can go a different direction. We will see it. Do not let Milwaukee stick around. Like Andrew, Bogus Man. If you let him stick around, you let him stick around. All of a sudden, he just can't get rid of. Let's let's do this. Let's do a little with Connor Green. Filling in for decell. Who, by the way, DSL If you guys don't know, had a baby boy named him William Joseph Celestino. I'm not making it up. My name is William Joseph writer. So I got to live with the fact that I guess he didn't know I was kidding. When I said name your kid after me, That's going to be That's going to be talking when he comes back and just text me a little bit ago just checked in his his baby boy, What a week old asleep in his arms just a few minutes ago, which is super cool and super sweet, Alright, kind of greens filling in doing a great job. You will hear his voice next because it's time for by yourself. What side will build take on the biggest issues in the world of sports. It's time for today's edition of by yourself on lighter than you. All right, bill, number one, former Eagle said. Coach Doug Peterson says he's trying to move forward from his time in Philly after being fired this offseason. In an interview with Sirius X M. NFL radio, Peterson said, quote I looked back, and there were a lot of positives I take from it, but I'm not going to dwell too much on the past. Hopefully, if I get an opportunity to coach again, I'll take the good with me. End quote, so Bill buy or sell. Doug Peterson deserves another head coaching opportunity. In the NFL, man. I am a conjurer. I'm a I'm a Doug Peterson skeptic in the extreme. Feels like undeserving is not the right word, but it feels like the guy captured lightning in a bottle with Nick Foles that year. But once you head coach with a Super Bowl victory on that resume that that's forever. A big believer that people can learn from their mistakes. I mean, a lot of the great success stories in sports and in life have remarkable failures as part.

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