Sweeney, Senior Vice President, Editorial Director discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Difficult time for our newsroom i'm committed to supporting all of you as we move forward now the complaints against sweeney well that was filed after michael arrest as soon as their senior vice president a news and editorial director when he was forced to resign on november the first over sexual misconduct allegations that's all we know in that particular case so and a lot of this i guess is going to be coming out in the days and weeks to come and i don't think there's into this i just gotta i've gotta believe whatever it was in the case of matt lauer is is much more severe than than what is being polled now the fact that they used to sexual assault that speaks of crime that was committed against now the question is how long it nbc know and and what did they know and did they and i guess that's could they are going to have to deal with that those questions in the days ahead here uh i do have some good news for you today and that is the commerce department upwardly revised our economic growth to an annual rate of three point three percent in july through september that's up from the first reported three percent that's great news for the economy and if the fourth quarter comes in as strong as we're expecting this will be the first year obama never had a single year not one the only president history of three percent gdp growth so that would be amazed business investment rose.

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