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I mean, even the people who say they had just this moment of enlightenment or this like overnight wakeup. It's probably not true. The reality is they had many triggers over the years prior. And then there was one that really just finally sent it over the top. But without those prior triggers that one might not have sent it over the top and becoming who we want to be. Is a multi decades process, especially when we live in a world where we are so infiltrated by negative media. And by you know, mainstream messages that try to say, this is the way it is in the only way it is, you know, for most of us, we grow up quite influential and that largely becomes a part of us in by the time. A lot of us start to wake up we've already been alive for a couple of decades. And a lot of who we are isn't really who we are. It's just the narrative that was fed to us than that we absorbed in so, you know, for people that get overwhelmed with, you know, trying to wanting to become the change they want to see in the world. You know, that's one of my main things is, hey, you'll never get to where you wanna go overnight. You have to start where you are. You have to make changes you have to start getting involved in volunteering spending time around new people, you know, reading watching new content and gaining new perspective, and you know, through all of this. You will share? Yourself into who you want to be. But it's gonna take time in I love that. Because I feel like sometimes it happens on accident in initially think it happens on accident for most of us. But then it's something that you can lean into and you can be intentional about and you can read books, and you can pursue that path of becoming more aware of things in alternately becoming the change that you want to see in the world. Yeah. Absolutely. So what happened for me? It was two thousand eleven so about eight years ago. I I decided to leave Wisconsin after I got back from that trip. Maybe six months later, I decided to leave Wisconsin. I put my stuff into my the trunk of my car that I had at the time, and it it all fit in my car, and I I had it out. And I ended up in San Diego, California and things went on kind of normal for a little while. But then after six months or so I started to I made some new friends and. And they were just out there. One of the things was is that people in Wisconsin. There isn't as much open minds, for example, like trying to be vegetarian in Wisconsin at most meals. You're going to have somebody saying, where's the beef? And not giving them a hard time now in San Diego, there weren't necessarily that much like there's a lot of editors out there. But the more important thing was that people whether vegetarian or not didn't really care what what you are. They just accepted you more for who you are. And so, you know, it was a place where growth became easier because you could feel more comfortable just being who you are. And so they're not interesting growth became easier because of the environment you're in. Yeah. I mean, it's if you're around the same people that you've been around for the last few decades, and they have a certain way of doing things every single day when you try to go outside of that norm. And they're. You know, putting the pressure on you the the social pressure to keep doing it the way that is considered normal in your area. Then you're going against the grain at every nearly every moment of your day. And it's it's very hard. It takes a lot of energy. It takes a lot of courage to go against the grain. But if you can go to a place where there is no grain, and you can just flow that just takes off so much. The friction allows you to flow in the direction that is more naturally you. And so that is definitely in part. What happened when I left -sconsin in? So you had this new community in San Diego. It was easier to start making changes. Did you become a vegetarian at that point? One of the big things that happened was I started to just watch a lot of documentaries and read a lot of books. You know, a lot of them were about food like food Inc..

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