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Welcome into another edition of american today. Produced by the american league network. I'm your host jesse allen. Well first up on today's program we're looking at some of the disappointing results. So far from early harvest across parts of the eastern corn belt this last wednesday on market. Talk i talked with mike zillow global commodity analytics and we discussed on the corn side. Some of the late season disease pressure and some of the disappointing yields were seeing in that eastern corn belt lot of reports from agronomists at farmers throughout parts of illinois indiana that they're having some quality issues there with some of this late season weather that has happened and we're starting to see an impact our yields. Here's the thoughts that Mugs zillow had about that and how that relates to our markets disappointing yields out of that eastern corn belt were hearing more late season disease in the east corn belt. And you know we pull up I know you have a corneal map. Here will pull this up. Just for our discussion. Mike on the video but Very interesting you know. We talked a lot about the eastern belt all year. Long how this is going to be the garden spot. This is going to make up for the western belt. And now we're starting to maybe pull that a little bit into question. What are your thoughts just with what you're hearing about. Some of those early yields mike. Yeah excellent points that you bring up. And i'll add to that that many producers in i think we in the trade thought the early corn would be the best because it would have gotten a round and not had to deal with the very hot august and very dry august and some of these key states. The map you're looking at right now is the september corn yield estimates by usda. And then. i highlighted the idea that five of these major corn producing states east of the mississippi river. Were all going to have record yields. I don't know a time when i've seen all five of these. Have the exact same situation where they've been able to have record yields posted in so that got me thinking even before i started hearing about the corn yields in illinois i started looking at topsoil subsoil moisture level. So what i did on this map. Was i highlighted those five states and then up and read. I put the yield for the state. Based upon some of the analysis i did notice that illinois indiana ohio all have moisture level conditions very similar to twenty nineteen. And that's the kind of analysis that i really liked. Jesse is when it all comes together. And you've got three states that are contiguous with one another all having a similar weather pattern in twenty nineteen all having similar yields or excuse me all having similar moisture levels as a result so it really calls into question of illinois's having a tough yield situation now is indiana going to have a tough yield situation and his ohio gonna to have a tough yield situation. Because as you say it's disease it's anthrax knows it's tar spotting of there are some lighter test weights as well One client in central illinois. Said he's running fifty to fifty four pound test weights and so this could be also disease related. Even though fund aside was widely used in these areas it seems to still be an issue of the plant health not being able to stay solid throughout the growing season. So this leads me to the next Analysis and this is where i did look at the topsoil and subsoil levels in these key states and i threw in iowa. I threw an iowa's well. As a result of the fact that i was obviously the key state to be looking at every year. But if you look at illinois. Indiana and ohio. Remember that they're similar the yield numbers and twenty nineteen. This is why. I say that is because topsoil subsoil moisture levels it all three of these states are almost identical within one or two points of where they were back in twenty nineteen. I just was blown away when i ran this. And all these numbers are as of mid september and again that's comments with meigs alot of global kabbani analytics from this past wednesday's episode of the market. Talk podcast which you can find online. Market talk ag dot com. Also this last week. I spent time with the big iron farm show in fargo. North dakota i got to catch up with jenna baroness with the north dakota soybean council to talk about biodiesel and some of the Advances that they are working on with biodiesel throughout north dakota and some of the new plants that are going to be coming online here very very soon across the state. Let's listen to that interview with jennifer tennis when the north dakota soybean council jenn it's great to catch over here big iron. Let's talk biodiesel. And i know that's a big thing. You guys are pushing here during the big iron farm. Show this week talk about some of the latest news and some of the things. You guys are talking about this week with growers and and folks coming through the show. Happy to do that. So when you talk about latest news in bio-diesel it's it's been hard to keep up every day. It seems like you see announcements of crush expansion new crush joint ventures have been kind of a new thing we're seeing and so one thing we're really Just making sure that farmers especially in north dakota are aware of is the joint venture that's been signed between marathon in dickinson that's producing renewable diesel and adm. The future adm crush plant in spirit. Would so when that crush plant does come online. Every bit of that oil is going to go to dickinson to the marathon plant to make renewable diesel essentially for california and it should be noted that that renewable diesel plant in dickinson is the second largest in the us and so for north dakota soybean farmers. I think it's good to be aware and we want to make sure they know that you know. We've really kind of been a spectator to this bio-diesel industry for a while. We've been supporting and ask the council because it's it's a pillar to the soybean industry but we're going from spectators to pretty major players And so this. Renewable diesel renewable diesel different from biodiesels drop in fuel. It is almost identical to petroleum diesel. And so that's why it's easy to use. California is really calling for it to meet their low carbon fuel standard and so It's great to be a player in that industry. It's going to open a lot of doors for north dakota soybean farmers. I believe it's a big reason that we're seeing that crush plant come into spirit would And i think it's going to be a great market option for your scum. And that's what i was gonna say is. It's a huge market opportunity for our growers here across north dakota and then something that they haven't had before obviously so it's going to create more options and create more competition out there for them soybeans. That's exactly right and in a state where we really haven't had soybean processing of any amount to speak of. It's really a big deal and it's something that we we hope to see. Even more of you know to take all of that. Oil is only going to power forty percent of that dickinson plant so they have room to take more and so that that's good news for north dakota soybean farmers why no soybean council are always advocating for soybean farmers and if they have questions about things like this or they wanna talk to you or they want to. Just stay up today with the latest news. What's going to be the easiest way to do that. Jenner checkup andy. Soybean dot org we have a farmer opportunities page also. Follow us on social media. We're pretty much handle. Andy soybean on almost every social platform you can think of so. Keep up with us there. We have a lot of farmer opportunities specifically in terms of biodiesel. We'll be having some bio-diesel farmer workshops coming post harvest and into winter along with that. We also have a rebate program. And so if you're interested in using biodiesel now's a great time to try it and save some money on your fuel. Jen appreciate the time. Thanks for catching us up on all things soybean council here big. I appreciate it. Yes thank you again. Talking with from the north dakota soybean council during this past week's big iron farm show in fargo north dakota. That's going to do it for another edition of american today. Produced by the american egg network. Thank you so much for joining in with the program here today. I'm your host jesse allen wishing you a great day..

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